Did she cheat on me? Did I do this?

So I had a girlfriend of 10 months. Thought things were going well until 2 weeks before the breakup, when she goes to a sleepover. Doesn't tell me who's at it when I ask, so I respect her privacy and let it go. I find out later that it was with 2 people who are in love with each other, and another guy who I didn't trust her with.

Anyway, I wouldn't think anything of it, but right after the sleepover, she stops texting me(we had a long distance relationship) cold. Completely, absolutely, coldly, stops. I ask her what's up, she says she's busy. Can't talk on the phone, can't text.

After 3-4 days of this, I call her and tell her this is completely screwed, and that to make the relationship work she needs to talk to me. She says "I know, I'm sorry, I mean to talk to you", and I leave it at that, figuring she got the message. Well, it keeps going for another 3 days.

This is now the Tuesday before she breaks up with me, and I get something large and ugly in a place that it REALLY shouldn't show up on a guy, so I go to the doctor. Doctor says "Yeah, it's probably an STD", without a swab or anything.

Anyway, she does that, and the test results take like a week. I call my girlfriend to confront her, and she says "No, I didn't cheat on you, why would you think that". Why I thought this was simple: doctor said the particular disease would've been caught within the last 3-5 months, and I had dated her monogamously for 10 months, so...yeah.

Either way, the communication thing continues. She continues to not call me, she continues to not text me, nothing. I figure it really is because she's busy, and we can work through it. I keep trying to talk to her, and she keeps biting my head off when all I want is a response, a conversation, finding out how her day went, etc.

It finally ends 5 days before Valentine's day, when she breaks up with me cold, over the phone. Our intimacy hadn't been great. We couldn't do anything the last month we were together because of distance and busy lives.

Now she gets cruel.

3 weeks after we break up, she openly admits to friends that she's dating the guy I was worried she cheated on me with. I can't believe it, and I'm hurt so badly because she was my first love and treated me like this...I wanted so badly to remember the good times, be proud of what we had, and then she does this.

2 weeks after that? The birthday party for the friend who introduced us exactly one year ago at her last b-day party is the first time me and my ex will see each other after the break up. At this point, I still wasn't over her, and knew it was going to hurt, but went because the b-day girl begged me to go. I did, and she brings the boyfriend, uninvited, to the party. I can't believe it, and I leave the bar and walk around the block for a half hour to cool down, and when I come back, I come back, see her hiding behind a friend, and just give up on the night.

Who was in the wrong? Should I have accused her of the std without knowing the results?
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In addition, a week later I found out it was nothing, there was no STD.
Did she cheat on me? Did I do this?
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