Why do we coddle 20's year olds?

I've been chewing on this in the back of my mind for some time now and finally I read a question that wouldn't let me ignore it and longer. For some ridiculous reason we think it's okay to excuse an 12-24 year old for having ridiculous and immature opinions because they're aren't grown men yet. Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world with his generals by the time he was 16. Billy can't even form a education opinion without talking out of his ass and he's 23. How the hell does that make any sense?

My brother was born when my father was only 21 and he worked 3 jobs to pay for a roof over our head and put food on the table. Granted, he still made some mistakes but he still knew the big things. This place is scattered with little kids walking around like they're hot sh*t throwing around their 2 cents and thinking they're actual gurus.

"Single moms are used up, I don't want to raise anyone else's kid" What the f***? Lets not even try to understand how she became a single mom. Yeah, it makes perfect sense to hold it against the kid that his dad was a rapist or a drunk or a dead beat.

The list of stupid opinions goes on but this one tipped the scale. Now that you've heard the rant, here's the question: Why is society accepting more and more ridiculous behavior from supposedly "grown adults"? Just because he's 21 doesn't mean he can act like an idiot. That boat should of sailed before you even graduated high school.
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18-24 year old* not 12-24.
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Noted* my Alexander reference is inaccurate.
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The single mom thing was just an example for reference. If you don't want to raise someone elses kid, at least have a have a plausible reason. "Im not gonna pick up someone elses slack" isn't valid. Strong single moms aren't asking you to raise their children. They're asking you to be their partner in life.
Why do we coddle 20's year olds?
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