Why does the Church hate men?

I noticed two huge movies that were smash hits in the Christian Church community. Fireproof, and Courageous. Both were those rare movies that churches show to their congregations--and both have a pretty horrid view of men. It's disturbing!

Fireproof--a firefighter's marriage is on the rocks. A conversation between husband and wife a few minutes into the film spells out why. He's saving a lot of his money to buy his dream boat, and unwilling to spend it on painting the back porch door, and won't spend 24k on buying his wife's mother a new wheelchair and hospital bed. So she's withholding sex, and he started looking at p*rn. The marriage is on the rocks, and the wife starts flirting with a doctor at the hospital she works at, clearly moving towards an affair. The main guy, he talks to his father, others, and gets told the thing to do is change and show her how much he loves her. He buys her roses (but they weren't very expensive, so she's pissed) tries to prepare a romantic dinner at home (she heads out after telling him she doesn't love him) and then finds out that she's starting a relationship with a doctor at her work. So he, like a whipped dog, tells the doctor he'll fight for her heart, and tries to win her back more, to little success. She finds that several people donated and bought her mom the $24,300 of medical equipment she wanted. (which was not presented as really needed) and she's about to go to a lunch date with the doctor, and she's excitedly telling another nurse what he did. The nurse points out that the doctor donated $300, and the firefighter donated the 24k. She immediately goes, dresses up, and tells the firefighter she loves him, and they hold another vow ceremony, because she *actually* means it this time. She was never chastised for planning to divorce her husband and go for the doctor over him saving up for a boat.

This movie was presented in church as a great movie for helping your marriage. The plain lesson? "Your wife starting an affair because she's unhappy? Bow like a dog and buy her affection back like a hooker. This is the Bible way."

And "Courageous." Very simply, (not enough space here) it claims that a good father (works hard to support his family, loves them all) is a bad father. All the male characters moan about their awful dads. His daughter dies in a car wreck, and he feels awful, decides to be a *great* father and tells his wife the guys will hold him accountable. She takes charge and makes it a weird ceremony at church, where he vows to be responsible to his family. They don't vow to honor or obey him, but still...

Moral: If you work long hours to provide and you love your family, you're a lousy dad. Go on runs with them, then you're okay.

Did this strike no one as anti-male? And the Church LOVED these movies! They slander husbands and fathers and are completely against men!
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To be clear, on the first movie. According to Scripture, divorce is only okay if your spouse is cheating. Not that they won't spend money on your parent, or you're not happy anymore. So in Fireproof, the woman is flat out starting a sinful affair over no real reason, and the movie tells men, "Act like a dog and beg forgiveness." It didn't chastise the woman for beginning an affair at all! It chastised the man for not bowing down to her!
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And second movie 'Courageous', it's all about bad fathers not being there for kids. It completely ignores that in out of wedlock births, unless it was rape, it's just as much woman's fault as it was the man's. And in divorce cases, women initiate 80% of divorces, which is also ignored in the film! Yet for the plot, it tears down a perfectly fine dad and frames him as a bad dad!
Why does the Church hate men?
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