Why does a man look off into the distance when talking to you?

I have been chatting with him for a while now. We don't get much time and he is a very private person but will answer anything I ask about him. My friend was jealous because she liked him as well and I have had problems and she now say she is not jealous but when we seem to be getting along OK she is down and when we are unsure she is supportive to the point of needing to know everything that is way to comfortable for me and I am getting suspicious of her and don't trust her.

He gave me his email but seldom answers. He won't give me his home phone. He is a loner and I am the only one who seems to have the email that I know of people around me. My friend is now giving me "man" advice and I find it not helpful because I don't get angry with him and I discuss and accept where she feels I should get angry, I have patience where I see he has been hurt by an ex wife and I won't give up where she sees it as should get rid of him. He told me that he didn't want a relationship and was in a purely sexual one with a woman and wanted no emotional relationships. Agreed we could become friends. I am doing all the work.

He is hot and cold. Tells me to expect nothing so I don't get hurt but if he hurts me unknowingly and I tell him he is quick to apologize and make amends and is mindful of my feelings because I have been hurt as well. Last time it was via email him telling me what he didn't like ie. I write poetry and sent him some and he said he didn't like poetry and said sorry.

He has told me my emails are too long and I shortened them. Asked me to stop coming during his coffee break to see him because of time constraints and I was too slow to keep up with him and I understood and I stopped. He gives me nothing outward. I compliment him, tell him I appreciate his gifts and talents and he doesn't do that for me. When we speak is attentive and listens but won't look at me. He stares off into the distance but is listening and responding. Laughs at my jokes. Does not stand close to me and won't sit beside me though he did try at one time and my friend was difficult.

My friend has now started that he may want a relationship with me and I keep telling her he said no and we are friends and now keeps asking me if he emailed me. I am very honest and so is he and I have emailed him and told him at times I am unsure of the friendship and if it is OK and if I am doing OK and he doesn't respond but keeps talking to me. He knows all about my life the good and the bad and still talks to me. He is a man who lives his own life and by his own rules and I respect him for that.

She sometimes works on my insecurities and he knows that. She has been my friend for over 18 years and will only date online and this is my first attempt since an emotional relationship gone bad 3 months ago to try anything and he knows I am emotionally fragile and tries. I know it will take time with him. He does not pretend to be anything more or else and neither do I. I get unsure of it all
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I met him today, had a short chat and he was different. He was trying to teach me and help me. He told me don't worry about things I have no control over ie. storm coming. He spoke to me softly and with caring and walked beside me. Looked at me with his head turned to me while walking. I asked about art, he said he wasn't into it but his dream job was to work at a Museum. I had asked him that in an email, so he read it. I left him to get back to work he told me to have a lovely rest of the aft.
Why does a man look off into the distance when talking to you?
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