I really love this girl, girls I need your advice, please help!

There is this girl, whom I know since 6-7 years,

we hardly used to speak with each other until last year...

while having some casual chat on Facebook, she gave me her number...

after 2-3 months of day-night chatting...i told her, that I have feelings for her..and with that I made a bigger mistake by saying, that 'i know you don't like me and all, but I really do, don't know since wen..."

to which she told she doesn't want a relation ship, Because its really painful

I never personally talk to her other than through sms, Because I don't know y, but I feel really awkward wen I come in front of her...

i really love her very much, but she doesn't... I really want to forget her, as this is really hurting me now...

but I keep on getting her messages, and we both share thing even now...but I can't take it any more... I just expect her to be with me...or just want to erase her from my memory


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  • a lot of girls enjoy attentions I think.. I think its cruel too cos she knows talking to you doesn't help you to move on or anything.did she even respond whether she likes you or not? or maybe she does but just doesn't want a relationship? I think you need to talk to her and find out. If she doesn't like you at all, then there is no point trying to get her.

    I think love happens when you find someone who you are comfortable with (in person). sms or online chats probably very different. I guess you guys never hang out? try to hang out or something a few time before you decide she is the one you really like. it tells you a lot of things

    • Thanks,

      i once invited her fr a movie, she said" ther's soe function or festival in her collg, so she can't come..."...i ws really upset and angry tht day

      i never tried callin her after tht...

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    • she just message"hi, how ws your day?...i m seriously going mad now, I can't even ignore her

    • i would either reply good thanks. or ignore it. if she keeps sending you text, you should find out what her intention is.could be keeping you thinking about her, or she's just bored, or she wants to be friends. well you need to find out and make up your mind. try to distract yourself and keep yourself busy.it helps

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  • I think you need to make a decision to stop hurting yourself, your not going to help yourself from erasing her from your memory that's only going to make you angry and dislike her, I think you need to slowly stop contacting one another so you can give yourself some space to move on from her.

    • Thanks, but I really can't get her out of my mind...

      nevr been in so deep love bfor, I guess thts a punishment...

    • Its first love, trust me you don't forget them, which is a bummer.. but you do learn how you want to be loved by someone else in the future.

    • i jst asked her out...

      i asked her "would you like to go out on a dinner with me"

      not tomrw or day after...

      bt I gave her time till valenties day...

      if you like me say YES

      or jst say NO, and you hate me, and would nevr talk to me again...

      jst thik over it ... and reply me antime during these 3 months

  • Ask her out on a date or block her number either way you have to make a clear decision. You shouldn't leave so much up to her that's going to keep getting you hurt so give her one chance if she doesn't go for it then your better off breaking all contact and moving on. Good luck!

  • If she doesn't want a relationship, then you are just "thinking yourself" into loving her. You think so much about how 'amazing' she is and how much you want to be with her, but if she doesn't love you back and never has, then you just have to get over her and move on. Meet other people, you will find a girl you love as much that loves you back. Good luck :)

    • thanks,

      i hope to meet someone els, just lik her...

  • I agree with everyone here, you either have to ask her straight out or stop contacting her. It may have to get worse before it gets better..


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  • You're right, ou eitther have to get more serious or stop the plaing around with chatting day and night. Tell her plainly how you feel, and then if she does't respond in a positive way, drop her from Facebook, or just drop Facebook!

  • Women can chat 24/7. This is no real sign she's attracted to you.

    If she knows how you feel, yet still talk to you all the time, I think she's cruel.

    That's one of these situations in life where you just can't pretend nothing happened.

    Man up, and stop contacting her. You will depressed for a while, but then things will get better.

    Good luck to you !