I want him back, is this the end?

the story may be tall please be patient , I appreciate your help

I've been 2 years a close friend to a guy who has girlfriend for 6 years , they had a lot of problems together but I was so sure that he was deeply in love with her , but because of these problems he got closer to me he treated me like his girlfriend so nice with me do a lot of things to me more than any friend to him , he broke up with her and I stayed away from him for one month I didn't want to be a rebound , but after 3 months of the break up , he told me that he loves me , I love him too so much , but I noticed that he is hesitant all the time , he may stays not calling for five days he didn't act like this even when we were just friends he was hot and cold , and another thing that bothered me that he insisted to remain friend with his ex , so I fed up I sent him telling him that I can't keep going on this way , he didn't even reply me and when I called him 6 days later he was very stiff with me and blamed me for not estimate his circumstances , he told me I'd never be with 2 at the same time and if I'm back with her I need time to get over you

after only 2 weeks he is back with her , he removed me from Facebook and MSN , he didn’t want me even as a friend like he wanted her , I don't know what I did wrong to him to hurt me that much , when he saw me last time he started joking and kidding with me as if he didn’t do anything to me , he put his mobile wallpaper a pic of my birthday surprise party he did to me last year why he is acting like this , and in the same time being so intimate with his girlfriend in front of me , he has a stone heart or what :s I want to know has he ever loved me

he told me in November last year that he loves me and we were so happy and in

love together but after short time he started to be hot and cold I got tired of this he wanted to still be friends with her so I broke up with him , he returned back to her only after one months

and after 5 months of no contact he told me that he missed me so much and I should not broke up with him and he truly loved me and was happy

we started to be friends again day by day we got closer and he told me that he still loves me I'm his safety place his shelter but he won't leave her so I left him and removed him from fb he got mad blocked me as if I'm the one who hurt him if he wants me to stay in his life why he just can't be completely with me
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thank you jayded

but after the break up 5 months of no contact he statrted to tal again telling me that he miss me he miss us our talks laughter my company , and we retrurned to be friends from may tell November he says he loves me even more than he isnot happy with her he says he feels like a baby with me I fullfill his heart , but can't leave her because of her family and all our community knows about them and we are in a consevative community so her life would be destroyed
I want him back, is this the end?
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