Men..... If you really are falling for / in love with a woman

What would you do and how do you treat her?

What is standard ?

And what do you do?

Thanks guys


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  • My Girlfriend of 4 years is the love of my life.

    I'd do anything to make her happy, I bought us a house, bought her a car, buys her jewelry, shoes and all that girls wants.

    But that's just what money can get her.

    I tell her every single day that I love her more than anything or anyone in the world, I tell her how beautiful she is, how I adore her and that I wouldn't be able to live without her.

    I've never felt love before I met her :')

    I usually take her out on dates and spend as much time as I can with her, we go to the movies, restaurants, ice skating (even though I suck) amusement parks and stuff like that.

    Some days we just lay in bed all day and cuddle.

    We never argue, we really love being together, we even go to the gym together and we could just cuddle in the sauna :)

    I also really enjoy cooking for her, and she tells me that she loves the food so I'm really happy about that.

    We also mess around a lot, and both of us likes to pull jokes on each other.

    I've literally, got in 3 fights for her so far, not really something good to do but these guys were really bugging her, which of course bugs me too.

    She's my best friend, soulmate, and lover.

    To say the least, when she's happy I'm happy, if she's sad I'm sad, if she ever need anything I'll get it for her, there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for her.


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  • She is precious to me. And I'm happy just being in her presence. I have been more than happy to just drive to her house long enough to drop something off and to leave, if that were to be the case at the time. Just to see her in person, is fulfilling a longing from not being with her since the last time. And I give sacrificially to her in order to meet any needs and also to bring happiness. I love to see her smile :)

  • Well I have the love of my life and I treat her like a queen if you want to think of it that way. She can literally have anything she wants, I bought a house, got her a brand new Cadillac CTS-V I love her and she loves me we spend a lot of time together and just enjoy each others company. I work a lot but its a home investing so we see each other all day everyday. This summer we went to Florida and I took her shopping and we just hung out at the beach and had diner. I need to stop watching movies becasue it is costing me too much money. By the way that's where I get my ideas from movies and stuff, and my girl loves everything I do. Stuff like that though, which is good becasue we don't fight and I enjoy that way more then money.

    • Awh you sound like a great boyfriend

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    • Well said mate, couldn't have said it better!

    • thanks.

  • I believe I have found The One. I plan on asking her to have a relationship.

    I would show her what true affection is, since her ex never really showee her the true affection.

    I would give her my total focus and never be interested in another woman. Once you truly love a girl, all the others you want to keep in the friend zone!

    I would do anything to protect her. If anyone threatened her well-being, I would step into the line of fire and take the heat. I would take a bullet for her if it came down to it and the situation went that far south.

    I would show her true loyalty and always try to make myself better as an individual for her and myself!

    If we had any problems or misunderstandings, we would discuss these issues and try to find out what was misunderstood and try to fix the problem. If we didn't, those little issues could become big problems later on!

    I would be willing to drive to her house anytime and just be there for her to hold on to whenever she was sad or extremely upset. Generally, I would always be there for her!

    I would constantly remind her that she means the whole world to me and she would be my one and only.

    These are some things I would do for her...

  • Treat her extra special. Do whatever to make her feel good. I've only fallen in love once, I thought I did when I was in high school but that wasn't love. Today, yea I am in love with this girl. Unfortunately I failed to treat her the way I needed to simply because I didn't feel that she was interested in me at the time, big fail.

    But yeah, love can make a dude go crazy. If the girl I loved and I dated, I would do everything I could to assure her my feelings for her. But not in a desperate way or simply doing everything for her, that's unattractive for both sides.

  • Things that would normally make me think twice usually don't bother me at all. For example, if she needed money, or a ride to the airport. Or something as simple as bringing her a coffee from Starbucks before she heads off to work. Coming by just to talk, not for sex. Or she's the first person I think about talking to when I have something significant happen. <==That's a big one.

  • I would treat her like the pricness she is. There is no standard at all. Each person is different, and we all have different ways of showing affection, or even dislike.

    I would do what I do for every woman/girl. I open doors, pull out seats, call them pretty, but if she's my Girlfriend I'd call her lover or something for a pet name. I'd buy her outfits, and ask for her opinion on stuff I'm buying for me.

  • There is no standard. Every man (and every woman) is different.

    • I meant it in the standard for you sense

    • I'm extra nice, pay more attention to her, spend more time with her, maybe take her out as a friend...usually, she will pick up on the vibes fairly quickly. Just don't leave a guy hanging.

  • I spend more time with her, treat her like a queen and different than the girls I know...

  • I try to focus all my attention on her... call her daily, make her feel special...

    • Sweet :-)

    • It should be...

      but unfortunately, most women do not reciprocate - you can't treat her TOO well, apparently.

  • How to treat her? Well how you do think? With lots of love.

    What that constitutes differs from man to man, but it's still the same. Do little things for her, try to make her as happy as possible, want things to go smoothly every time.

    • I ve had bad relationships , I am in a new one and it's interesting to hear how guys act. I can't tell if I am being treated nicely as I've always had abusive bfs. But my new ones nice so seeing what guys do when they like girls :-)

  • I stick it in her really hard and for a really long time.


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  • Nice question Auraann! Seeing all the answers on here is really forcing me to take a hard look at my current relationship.

    • Thanks! It that's the reason I asked it really. My current partner doesn't have major goals and that seems important , most of these guys are very sweet

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    • or how successfull you are.

      Besides, I do not know how old you are, but if you're still in your 20s it's normal to still have doubts about what to do. Sure some people already have their life mapped out. But some persons are more slow to decide on what they should do.

      Again, feel free to ignore my rambling as I wasn't at all invited to give my opinion.

    • No I am glad you did , you are right . It shouldn't matter it's about the person

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