How to know the difference between being in love and having a crush?

I met this incredible guy 2 months ago and we have become really close friends ( but I know hesecretly likes me and he knows I like him back ) its just that we can't each other or become seriously involved because we both have jobs and scholarships to maintain .

Hes the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed . I see his face and I just feel comfort , I love looking at him , when he sits next to me I get all weak . I'm thinking about him all the time , one time he sent something funny on a chat and I said "oh I love him" out loud to myself ...

How do I make sure that this isn't just a crush ?


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  • well frankly after 2months I'd be skeptical that it's love, but it could be. Especially the way you describe it.

    It sounds like it's some place between crush (which usually means you don't know much about) and love (which usually requires knowing someone more than a few months)... either way it sounds like you have very serious feelings for the guy that may verge on love if it isn't love already


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  • I agree 100% with CatholicVirginia. These feelings are normal at 2 months. Give it 2 years, when you start seeing him in a different light. Or 5 years when the "new car smell" has worn off and all your left with is the man he really is. I'm not saying has a bad person by any means, but you'll see him differently. When the new wears off, you'll see how much LOVE is there. My fiancĂ© annoys the hell out of me sometimes, and there's times where I look forward to her girl days so I can just relax alone. But I love her with all my heart, and not only do I live for her, I would give up my life for her without a second thought.. That's love.


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  • I guess it depends on how you define being "in love." For me, it's that you know the person... and still love them. Love their faults, love their strengths, everything. You are in love with who they are as a person, not how they present themselves or how you perceive them.

    Everything you said is physical and very superficial. Saying "I love him" means nothing - it's a phrase not taken seriously in our culture. You don't even trust him enough to know if you two like each other - you two have no communication going about the things that matter.

    So ask yourself this: Do you KNOW him? Inside and out? Do you love him or do you love your idea of him?

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