Is this how it feels to be done with someone ?

So I don't know how to express this feeling, maybe some of you know what I feel.

Since I was 18 I have been in love with this guy, mostly because he was my first everything and in the beginning as always it goes great, than it went on and on he moved and I stayed in love etc we stayed in touch and we became close and good friends, this continued for 3 years, now I am 20 and in October it ended.. he didn't talk to me anymore, and he lives in my town now cause he moved here in August, and we met often and hanged out , I slept over, we went on dates, sex, etc it felt as if we were in a relationship, he was my best friend...than he stopped talking to me out of nowhere ..and in December he got into a relationship with a girl who he went to HS with..and she lives 3 hours away..

Im not hurt anymore like sad etc , I don't miss him either, cause I wanted this to end, I was in love with someone who didn't love me..i was just waiting for that moment to see another girl in the picture and it happened.

I feel so good now, I feel a burden has been gone and I feel so much free now, is this a feeling of when you are over a guy ? and you are so done ?

even though I have him on Facebook I don't care anymore , I don't want him back , I even have some things at his place and I don't give a sh*t about it cause I don't want to see him, he scares me , he was such a bad thing in my life.

Im not going to begg him back or go crazy on him , I'm simply just letting go.


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  • I applaud you for being able to move on with your life. Good for you.


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  • yes. that's exactly it. Though you've done it better than most, not checking up on his Facebook 24/7 just, as you said, letting go. You've fallen completely out of love with him.

    • i did stalk him in the beginning but now I'm done its like OK I get it he has a girlfriend let go

    • well done! xx