Why do they avoid me?

When I first moved into my apartment last June the man that lived below me was always kind mean he always said some snide remark and he only did it when his wife was around one day I was fed up with it and I was about to say something back if he said something again and he wasn't mean again he started saying hi to me when he would see me around. In December I made them Christmas cookies and when I gave them to him he said I was so sweet and gave me a one armed hug and every time he would see me he would say thank you. On Valentine's day I made them some more cookies and his wife said thank you that they were so good and her husband said he wanted to tell me that they were so good and he kept saying thank you Hun. But since them when ever I go to take my dog outside they go inside they even make there kids come inside if they are playing outside. If they are going to do that I rather wish they would go back to being mean to me I could handle that better then them avoiding me. And no before anybody ask I'm not loud and I don't bother them they are both in their early 30's with two boys.


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  • Most likely, his wife is behind it. It's possible that her husband wanted to invite you to join them at times, as a friendly "welcome neighbor" gesture, but she responded to it by making irrational claims about his non-existent desire to f*** you. His snide remarks may have been his attempt at convincing his wife that he doesn't like you at all.


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  • He probably showed interested and his wife found out and it caused problems between him and his wife and that is in no way your fault you dident do anything its his fault for flirting with you.


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