Which one of these two girls would you choose?


Classic literature student, 22, had 10 boyfriends and 5 sexual partners, loves romance and drama movies, plays volleyball and likes partying, has a lot of friends and suitors, single.

Looks: Somewhat short, beautiful face with perfect features, slim curvy body (hourglass figure) dark brown hair reaching her butt, light green eyes, clear perfect skin.

Uses only mascara and often switches between different colors of rouge. Loves dressing up and her style would be described as "elegant", raging from both modest, over cute to "slutty" on different occasions. 10 pairs of shoes for the season.

By men described as a 9 or a 10.

Mind: Well read, a philosophers mind, confident, polite, perfectionist to a degree, initiative, very neat, flirtatious, forgets no ill deed on her account, in fact forgets nothing, refuses to ever be wrong, puts emphasis on ladylike behavior and class, easily scared and disgusted, uses silent treatment and emotional blackmail effectively, considered very emotional, loves baby animals, knows how to get what she wants, likes to have fun and is not sure what she wants for her future just yet. Hates hicks and stupid people, independent, opinionated and only truthfully expresses herself with people she cares about, very ambitious and hardworking.

In a partner looks for devotion, understanding, smarts, confidence and a goal orientated man.


Pharmacy student, 20, had no boyfriends, or sexual partners in the past, loves action and romance movies, drawing and cooking, plays chess often, has handful of really close friends, rest are acquaintances, single.

Looks: Medium height, cute face, large eyes, slim body, smaller breasts and wider hips (pear figure), light brown hair reaching the middle of her back, dark brown eyes, a some blemishes on skin.

Doesn't wear any make up daily keeping the grooming to basic hygiene body hair removal and chopstick, on special occasions, wears very little make up. Loves colors and clothes but avoids clothes that she deems "uncomfortable" (too tight, too short, too frilly, too open, materials that are not soft, oddly cut and for some reason, hates fake pockets).

Accused of having no sense of fashion, or trends.

By men described as a 5 or a 6.

Mind: A bookworm, nerdy, analytic and realistic mind, very shy around guys she finds attractive, rambles when uncomfortable, insecure about her looks, still watches anime and plays video games, goofy and cheerful, overly optimistic, tends to say odd, or politically incorrect things on purpose, considered weird, good actress, fake humility, deems most people stupid or evil in reality, ready to help everyone, naive for it, very protective of her family and friends, very picky and introverted, has an unusual nurturing/motherly instinct for her age, hates gossiping and pettiness, can get very lazy, avoids confrontation.

In a partner looks for love, protection, strength, kindness a dominant personality and maturity.
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Guys, care to explain why are you mostly picking girl 2? If you already have that is.

Girl one is a beautiful, smart, strong, gentle woman. Both are flawed in their own ways.

Should number one not be preferred?

Are they personal reasons, or just something about men in general?

Which one of these two girls would you choose?
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