What would you do giving the current circumstance

me and my girlfriend are as happy as a young couple can be. we enjoy so much despite all the bad that happened early. with that in mind also put yourself in the shoes of a human who wants a family you know a straight life no corner cuts...a women who assumes she has everything you want gives you a reality of what she thinks you want and needs and puts her hands on you but your so far gone you just try to defuses the situation in a room with your friends and this crazy chick groping and choking. tugging on my belt rubbing her hands all over you finally had enough and tell her OK when you insult my girlfriend I try not to in rage my self cause if I don't deal with it SHE will and by she I mean a fierce lion of a women long golden locks blues eyes that fool you into thinking she is soft cause she is like glass cut to the touch but I have gentle hands . I'm worried that whether I talk or choose to forget it happened for the sack of my very loving gft cause that fire fox efforts to get my attention really got me thinking this is how girls go missing when they pick someone they think they know and I am in no way a bad person I will happily tell but with a desperate girl who probably is looking for trouble. and a girlfriend who will most likely run into her before I do in a restaurant or fb. maybe she won't brag I left that witch cold in her tracks cause I never gave in not once but I just wanna see a happy ending...
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sorry I wrote like this. its simple would you tell her or risk her finding out from another girl and possiblily starting something that could ruin such a good relationship
What would you do giving the current circumstance
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