Does she want a relationship? Or am I just a fun thing for her?

**This ended up being pretty long, so I divided the background info from my main issue/question, for those who don't feel like reading the whole thing.**

So, I met this girl on OKC a few months ago. We live about a 45 min drive away from each other, so things started a bit slowly. We talked online and texted for a good month or so without seeing each other more than once or twice (we're both pretty busy), but she seemed to really like me, and I felt the same way. (After I gave her my number, she texted me every day asking simple things like how my day was going.)

So after about 6 weeks, she actually told me that she met someone else online, and that it seemed like more what she was looking for, and that she just wanted to be friends. I was sad, but I accepted it, and told her I was still interested in being friends and would like to reset things over a cup of coffee. She agreed, and we met up again later that weekend. We had an amazing time and hung out 100% as friends, and she told me she hadn't laughed so much in a really long time. After that night, she started texting me regularly again, and a few nights later she admitted that she still liked me.

That all just leads up to how things are now. We started seeing each other again after that, probably about once or twice a week on average. We've also gotten a bit closer with our relationship, we kiss when we're together, and we're both very comfortable touching each other--she'll lay on top of me if I'm laying on the couch. It's been probably about 10 weeks since we first started speaking online now.

- - - -

So things seem to be going great, right? The thing is, I just can't help but feel that she's trying--for some reason--to prevent things from going any further. Whenever we kiss, she never really gets into it. We'll kiss a few times, and then she backs off and will turn to watch the movie we're watching, or get up to go do something. Our physical relationship goes about as far as it can go without us having sex, which we haven't done yet. I haven't really made a move, because I'm just not really getting the feeling from her that she wants it right now. I just always get the feeling from her that she's purposely holding back, or isn't interested in having a deeper romantic relationship.

She constantly tells me how much fun I am, and she's told me that she thinks I'm very handsome; it sort of makes me wonder whether I'm just a fun thing for her, someone that makes her laugh and who she thinks is attractive, but isn't really interested in having a relationship with? She's also pretty busy finishing her last semester of college right now, so maybe that's a factor as well?

I'm just not sure what to make of it, any outside perspective or advice would mean a lot. Thanks!
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FYI - I'm a guy, in case that wasn't clear.
Does she want a relationship? Or am I just a fun thing for her?
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