How to know if a girl is in love with you?

How to know if a girl is in love or falling in love with you. How would she act or what are some signs?


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  • Signs a girl is in love


    Very touchy

    Cant stop talking about you

    Worries about you

    Always wants to be around you


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  • for me.. I can't think straight if I'm around someone I'm in love with, so I say really stupid things which is humiliating then ill probably avoid you for a few weeks or few months ata time, because I don't like sounding like a moron, plus I'm embarrassed I can care that much about a person.. however ill always end up gravitating towards you at some point because A I genuinely care and don't want to hurt you nd I also am so attracted to you-physically intellectually psychologically spiritually sexully- its just difficult to not feel like I'm missing something important.

    I won't TELL you unless you ask. because I'm honest if I'm asked a question but id feel like I was breaking down in my will if I just told you for no reason. plus I don't like appearing as if I'm assuming people feel how I do and saying I love someone kind of suggests you think they might feel the same, or minimally be able to or want to or want you to.

    so id be silent on the matter. id avoid touching you and id be reserved and very serious because my feelings make me uncomfortable. but id always be secretly glad if you touched me. and id always look at you directly in the eye. because after all I'm in love and I'm not a coward and hopefully if you're in love you'll be able to see it in my eyes.

    i won't say much but ill listen intently and be very happy to help if you asked.

    • She stopped hugging me because It made her uncomfortable but yet I still touch her and she really really touches me.

  • marrisge diesnt apply if she doesn intend to marry or want kidsor bells etc. nt everoynewants to marry. yet they still have aheart. AND she will get angery and call you on your sh*t if she loves you and cares about you andisnt a spineless ninnie. because honesty is important to those you love. and not everyone cooks.

    shes not going to turn into a stepford wife just because she loves you. but she likely will be happy to see you and think about yo a lot and care. she may hurt you but shell care about the fact she did.

  • if she's normal...she'll try to be more affection, maybe hint that there's something she wants to tell you something important, have a harder time looking into your eyes. if she's anything like me, she'll do everything to push you away. and possibly yell at you alot. :p

  • She would mess up, say something stupid or awkward. She will also smile a lot.

  • If you have to ask what signs to look for, she's probably not.

    You'd know, it's obvious.

    • The reason I asked is because mutual friends says she's in love with me but I never had a girl who fell in love with me before so I wouldn't know.

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  • Depends on the girl.

  • Depends how much in love she is. If its 100%..she teases, jokes and or hints at marriage, or weddings. She may even talk about kids. At the very least. you notice she is always talking about her long term future plans which includes you in it.

    Also...she never puts up red flags...she never puts you down...especially in front of other people. She takes you to meet her parents, she asks to meet your parents...she invites you over, and cooks you dinner. She's never in a bad mood around you..always happy, and smiling. In her cannot say or do anything wrong...ever. She never lies, or is deceitful. You never find yourself questioning her.

    Remember..above is how she behaves if she's 100% in love with you...and ready for marriage. Now, you can use this to gauge how in love your girl is.

    • Ohnestly this is so true. Just forgot that girls will also do something as a spur of the moment thing and later realize that she humiliated herself terribly.

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    • She says things and doesn't realize how jealous she is and how she sounds like a girlfriend. She laugh out of humiliation. She said she doesn'tthink she just react.

    • Toulouse, See, when two people are deeply in love, and its a servant love , both of them display servant like qualities toward the other person. Serving out of love , not because they have too, or expect anything in return.