We fought, and she's hurt. Can things be normal again?

I've seen a girl for a little over a month now. We liked each other very much. Intense passion. She had a boyfriend that was cheating on her and has been abusive to her. I had a bad girlfriend as well. I broke up with mine a couple weeks in. I told her there was someone else. We grew very fond of each other and she was waiting till the end of the semester to see her boyfriend again and break up with him.

Towards the end of that month, some of my colleagues and my ex-girlfriend notified me that the girl was sleeping around with another guy for as long as she knew me. She promised me she'd never hook up with anyone. She said she liked me and wanted to date. I asked her, she denied it. Every day since then I'd try to believe her, but was informed by my ex and her friends not to. Eventually, I talked to that guy she was sleeping with. I uncovered a lot. Yes, she was sleeping with him. But for months, even before she knew me. I was severely hurt.

I confronted her and asked her why she lied. I was in a rage that it would take her THIS much to tell me the truth. I was so p*ssed at her I couldn't even think. She told me she stopped talking to that guy since she saw me get mad when I first asked her, and she was trying to change. I told her that I couldn't believe her any more. On impulse, I sent her boyfriend the message convo between me and the guy she was sleeping with. I wished I could take it back.

I told her later that night (and her boyfriend called her furious and broke up with her). She was furious. I couldn't sleep. I called her again and again to apologize. When I eventually got to her, we were both emotional. I told her I'm deeply regretful and despite what she did I'm willing to look past it. She was miserable. She said she wishes not to speak to me for a while.

I know what she did was wrong, but what I did was wrong too. I wish there was a way I could show her I'm truly sorry, and that things could slowly go back to how they were. Please help, I've been struggling with this.


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  • I think things have become very intense for both of you. This began with her hiding from you that she was sleeping with someone else. Sadness and rage can make us do things we didn't intend, it stops us from thinking and the hurt guides us to act on impulse. What you did wasn't a good response to your hurt, and hurt her in turn, two wrongs pretty much seldom make anything right, but things can heal up again.

    You need to give her and especially yourself, time apart to recover first, let things cool down. I'd say a few weeks after this event. Then I would try talking to her. Start on a positive note to avoid any hurt and arguments, talk it through how you feel and ask her how she feels, plan together and set some promises to each other that you will be honest to each other, if you both decide to keep the relationship.

    If this doesn't work out (Takes two people to want to work things through) things have gone too far and it possibly won't work if you go back to a relationship where you feel you can't completely trust that person after they lied to you, and the same for her. Wait a little then talk it through if you feel you don't want to lose her.

    All the best.


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  • I have been in a slightly similar situation where I was in a very unhappy relationship and fell for someone else and decided 2 pursue something I broke up with the guy in a week after we finally confronted each other about how strongly we felt about each other and got into a relationship with the guy turned out it was a mistake I didn't take all my time to look past his sweet words and promising lies and really fell for him, to make story short he lied a lot and ended up sleeping with my bff

    Anyway the point from this story is take ur time-alone- and rethink everything and just take and emotional break and see if you still wanna pursue this relationship and she should do the same after this break everything is gonna come clear and its not gonna b too hard 2 come to terms specially thatshe also wants 2 take this break

    I'm not saying forget her but stop talking to her keep it 2 the minimum. After that she's gonna have


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  • I think you both are a little too emotional right now. It's never right to get involved with someone else's relationship, and what you did was wrong. But she also lied to you.

    I think you learned a lesson. You should never go after somebody who is in a relationship and expect them to be as good as their word. You end up falling for false pretenses and lies.

  • all you need is to give this some time apart.