Does he really love me or am I just convenient?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years we have a one year old son. We have a long distance relationship because he plays ball an he just got home for his off season. He has been acting weird not wanting to touch me hug me or even talk to me. He also still lives with his dad but comes over and has dinner puts our son to bed and spends the night. But I need more I want to take the next step and move in maybe get married and be the family we should be but every time I bring it up he just says I don't know and won't talk about it. I feel like he never will want anything more then what we have right now. I can't tell if its over or if he's scared to grow up and move on with our lives?


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  • it could be a combination of the two. guys are sometimes afraid of commitment. don't rush into things, take things day by day. if you force him or make him feel like he's trapped it will definitely be over. just be the person he fell in love with.