So, what is it finally - love or sex?

This question is pretty obvious. There was a time, several decades ago, when sex was just a part of love. But today, love has become just an excuse to indulge in sex. And it appears as if the primary goal of dating for people today is sex, and not long term commitment. Like earlier, people used to think "Wow, this guy/girl I'm dating is so sweet. I'd really like to marry him/her and have kids together". But now, almost everyone thinks "OMG, this guy/girl is so hot! I wonder how soon and how many times I can get laid with him/her." In general, I certainly feel that in today's world, almost everyone only cares about physical attraction (aka sex), and have totally forgotten the concept of 'emotional bonding', and what it feels like to actually love a person.

So, what do you people feel about this? And if given a choice, what would be your priority -love or sex?

P.S. I have a feeling that most men will say 'sex' while most women might say 'love'. But anyway, I won't speculate, and just wait for answers.
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So, what is it finally - love or sex?
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