How to stop the "distant" feeling in my relationship?

I'm aware that the honey moon phase doesn't last forever, I just feel like my boyfriend stopped doing the things it took to get me. Yes, I do nag and tell him to try to be more affectionate & he does get frustrated, saying I should already know he loves me or he wouldn't be with me. We've been together for one year 1/2. I still write him sweet things, buy him stuff I know he wants, surprise him with it.. When we are with each other, I know he's next to me but at the same time I feel so distant. Like everything is a routine.. I'm scared of falling out of love. Should I just start being less available?


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  • Sounds like you need to grow up a tad.

    You know he loves you. So don't question it. Yes he should be still be sweet and caring towards you, but you should know that he loves you. End of story.


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  • I think it depends on when you started to notice the romance was disappearing. If it was around 4 weeks like in my last relationship then you should definitely question it. If it is like a year then fair enough, it is going to be a little different, however you should still be treated nicely. After all you are his girl and he should treat you like a princess.

    If you are starting to feel distant when you are sat next to him, maybe you don't need to be afraid of falling out of love with him? Maybe you already are?

    After the honeymoon phase it is sometimes hard to admit that we are not as keen on this person as we thought we were.

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