Guys: is this too harsh to send to him? Or should I just let it go?

LONG STORY SHORT: He got out of an abusive relationship 6 months ago and I had been helping him for the past two and he initiated more, only to toy with my emotions and tell me that he didn't want to hurt me once I told him I had fallen for him. I've done so much for this guy. Then, he got upset with me once I got upset at him for telling me that he was sorry I had interpreted everything "that way", saying he couldn't believe I would tell him that I wish I would have never helped him (which he texted me three times and I haven't responded), which I said in our discussion. I think I have a right to be mad...I just don't think I can be his friend after he's hurt me like this...Should I send this, or just let it go and not answer him and maybe he'll come around one day?

"You led me on. Plain and simple. I was someone to mooch attention off of.

You are a submissive, whether you realize it, or not. That's why you always ask me to tell you what to do, or make you do stuff. It's also why you feel so lost and have no direction in life now. You even called yourself submissive one time. That's why I started talking about it and commanding you to do stuff today. I thought that's what you wanted. My bad. You're kinda delusional about your role as one.

I'm sorry for being pushy. That's my fault and one thing I will sincerely apologize for. When a woman is getting signals, you keep saying you like her and that there's a connection, asking her to cuddle, saying you're afraid to "let her in", playing hot and cold with her emotions, and she thinks you're a submissive, she's going to push, as that's what submissive men want, a woman to take the reins. My bad.

Now that I understand, I don't really see this big heart you're talking about. I've just been someone to lead on and use so you wouldn't be alone. It's my fault for not nipping this in the bud earlier. I should never have to plead with a man to give me a chance - I feel quite pathetic now - as I truly am a once in a lifetime kind of woman. I was afraid of losing you to a woman that would treat you bad. As you can see, we all have unresolved insecurities, and I really did like you, or I wouldn't have made such a fool of myself.

Your stab at me didn't hurt. I know I've never been in love because I realize that they never loved me and were abusing me. Both parties have to care for it to really be true love. That's a realization that you're struggling with and I feel for you.

I know you don't see it now, but one day you'll see how you treated me and hurt me more than you know.

You're not ready. I really don't appreciate the way you've treated me. And, I don't know what to do. I think it may be time to walk away."
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I just read what I put and it is worded confusingly. He pretty much told me "he didn't know" after I told him I had fallen for him, saying "You feel for me when I was broken...?!" He said he didn't want to hurt me, after playing with my emotions for the past two months. I'm just hurt.
Guys: is this too harsh to send to him? Or should I just let it go?
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