Will We Ever Try Again ... Guys and girls please answer I'm desperate.

Ok so me and my ex were dating for about six months. We were so in love we never went a day without saying I love you at least 8 or 9 times a day ! He lives in another city so we texted non stop and talked on the phone every night but than we got a little busy so we still texted but didn't talk on the phone as often. We were still in love and talked about our future.

Than he got drunk one night and took these pictures with his ex and I knew she wanted him back. I was so hurt that he would do this because they pictures suggested sexual positions. So I broke up with him. He texted me begging for me to take him back and I did because I love him.

Than I drove down to go see him and we kissed and had the best night to me ! I refused to have sex with him because I didn't feel right yet. He wasn't himself when we were together he had told me he was having many problems at home and with finances. Three days later he called me and said he needed time to work out his problems and we should chill it for a while. I agreed. We talked and still called each other baby and such. But all the sudden things changed !

He seemed annoyed by me texting him and his answers were short. I asked him if it is just because he doesn't love me and he said no. I asked if he misses what we had and he said yes sometimes... than I asked if he wanted to get back together and he said no I don't think its best do you I said I don't know

I asked if there was someone else and he said no he just needs to concentrate on himself and he said I did nothing and that he has just changed ...

Is there any chance of us getting together again

What made him change his feelings about me so fast

Should I just stop trying to talk to him and see if he texts me

Help please I'm so heart broken I don't know what to do
Will We Ever Try Again ... Guys and girls please answer I'm desperate.
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