Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly

Many men think splitting the housework with your GF/wife is unmanly. But actually it's the exact opposite. This is a short mytake...

Exes actually leads you to "The One"

This is the story of how I met "The One" No, actually this is the story of my life. Because I haven't met "The One". But I think I may...

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

First of all I am not American so this is based on not only America but on where I am from plus the opinions of others from other...

Seven deal breakers with women!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/eTSByNW8H_s Seven deal breakers with women that ALL MEN (not just MRAs) should look out for from Mr. Paul...

I Will Love You

I want to make this thing work. I want it to get off the ground and head for the stars. Never to end. Today I make the decision to...

Men cheat for sexual variety, women cheat for emotional variety

When a man cheats, chances are he just wants to get his rocks off with a sexy/ alluring/ hot girl who he sees as sufficiently varied...

My boyfriend stays in the same room with another woman for a month. Is this normal?

Hello, my boyfriend works with this family and he is on a business trip right now. His boss arranged the same motel room for his wife...

If you need a break from people and need to be alone for a week, would you tell your SO?

She did something that upsets me and we cleared things up but I require time to spend for myself to be able to see her again.

LDR... should the guy meet the girl first?

In my opinion, I think a guy should meet the girl first. I'm not saying because "guys should make the first move" crap. I'm saying that...

8 years of love.. Should I let her slip out of my life?

I've been in love with this girl for like 8-9 years now.. She knows about it but when she found out , she was already in a relationship....

Am I the only one? Do you ever feel that you're less than effective at being friends with people?

I don't know how else to word it. I don't mean you don't communicate well, or least not for lack of effort. But that you and your...

What are some things you wish the opposite gender would be more understanding about your gender?

Like as a woman, i wish men would understand our need for emotional connection. You?

Girls, do you only see good and intelligent guys as future redemption husband like?

I never had a girlfriend was busy in studies mostly. I am intelligent and have many hobbies like playing instruments , writing......

Is it more attractive when a guy is better at things then other guys or does that not matter?

Ex) if a guy is better then most guys athletically, the way he dresses, more smart, tougher, or other things... or whoever your...

When it comes to relationships, do you find "easy" to be boring?

I've heard some people say that they want to be with someone who's a bit of a challenge because easy's boring. Are you one of these...

I can not figure this guy out?

Hot and cold, or awkward? Do I back off, even though I kind of fell for him? He pursued me, I was a bit scared but I fought it and came...

Do you feel men or women try the hardest to make a relationship work once they are in a relationship?

I was talking to my friend the other day and she seems to tell me she has "learned" to talk to the men in her life. She has learned to...

Do you think it is necessary for your partner to have a car?

Would you turn down a potential partner simply because they don't have a vehicle?

Do girls feel the need to hookup without getting into a relationship?

When do girls feel the need to hookups? After getting fed up with relathionships?