How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you through social media (even if the side chick is blocked).

Even if the side chick blocked your boyfriend on social media, she can't 100% clean her trail. These are my private investigator tips I...

I have retroactive jealousy OCD; a jealousy fixated on my boyfriends past!

"THE TERM RETROACTIVE JEALOUSY, or what is also referred to as “retrospective jealousy” and “retrograde jealousy,” refers to painful...

How and Why to Avoid Dating a Woman with Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

This is based on my personal experience in dating two particular women, one of which probably had NPD and the other BPD. These were...

Men are the most frustrating human beings on the planet!

I tell my husband I want him around more for important occasions (e.g. parties, holidays etc). He understands where I am coming from but...

I’m just venting but...

So this dude and I have been in a casual arrangement for some time, for a year or so. One day he lands a bombshell on me when we’re...

Reasons she won't commit to you and what you can do to make her

1.) You're boring No woman wants a man who doesn't have anything going on with his life. Are you adventurous? Do you hit the gym or play...

What would you do if your partner still hang out with their ex, your partner give their ex some money and they go out to eat?

My sister still hang out with her ex who dump her for another girl and he give her money and she took it of course.

Was I in the wrong with my girlfriend? Opinions wanted?

So had my first argument with my new girlfriend and things in my opinion went south. What happened was Friday she got her nipples...

Girls, do you think being stronger than your significant other will change your relationship?

I know this is frequent question I really gotta get it out there. So I was at my gf's one day eating and I wanted to take a drink out of...

Loving a married women?

Why loving a married women is not acceptable to society? I fall in love with a married women. I accepted this with that women & she has...

Have you ever had, or would you consider a Sugar Daddy?

I've had 2 sugar babies over the last 3 years. Is this becoming more socially acceptable?

Need help now someone?

Why is it that whenever I talk to a girl at my school e. g over text on instagram they block me or air me? I am always polite and I do...

My girlfriend wants me to quit being a influencer because she gets extremely jealous. Help (extreme case) ?

So where do I begin, we are currently approaching are year and a half mark and I can say we have nearly had more bad months then good at...

In your opinion, is a 28-year age gap too much to have a relationship, fling, or one night stand with a partner?

In this scenario, the man is the older one, but I'd love to hear opinions of being with an older woman as well.

Monogamy or Polygamy?

Out of curiosity, say if you're 'seeing someone' (but are sleeping with them), do you only have sex with them (and no one else -...

How would you react if your girlfriend gets breast implants?

An example is, she goes from a B cup to a C cup. Be honest now haha

Is it right to completely lose interest in someone once you learn they are judgmental?

I'm talking about general relationships here, not necessarily romantic ones. When I learn that someone is judgmental, I just don't have...

Are most parents just breadwinners nowadays?

I genuinely believe that there is a difference between a breadwinner and a family member. Breadwinners only look after our financial...

Did you ever go in depression and why?

Use #NotAshamed Let's share our stories. I keep going into depression because my mother emotionally abuses me. This really affects my...

Girls, Is being impotent a turn off /deal breaker for you?

At what stage of the relationship would you want the man to inform you that he is impotent / erectile dysfunction? What would be your...

How come when all I want is sensual eroticism and end game pleasure from release with ladies possessing some of my preferences, all I get is 💩💩💩?

Guy with little player game, attractive, tall, slim, clean, sane, adulting adult, average average guy with supercharged imagination and...

Do you have an ex you don't mention to no one?

An ex you are ashamed of, or who you think would bring down your public imagen. If you had an ex like that, did you hide your...