Setting boundaries in an opposite sex friendship

I have a male friend whom I am good friends with. The problem is that there were no boundaries so it was more like a friends with...

How [Not] to Fight & Resolve Conflict

The majority of fights between two people take place in the same form. At some point, it doesn’t matter what the fight is about. The...

"LOVE LAUGHS" Tickle The Funny Bone Time

So, we've laughed about boobs (thanks to @laurieluvsit and her latest funny mytake), testicles, and drinking.. So thought we should...

12 Virtues to Aim for – According to JAMES WEGERT with MY annotations

These are the 12 traits you should Cultivate in oneself and Look for in a Partner THESE ARE NOT OWN INNOVATIONS!!! I got these virtues...

Overcoming Depression by Facing the Past

Hey! This mytake will be the only one in a long line of mytakes that isn’t a question, anonymous or otherwise. Take it easy on me, this...

Abuser Behavior

I want to share this because a lot of people seem to think that within only a few days you can pick up abusive behavior in every single...

Can a woman committed to a man who has 100s of relationship?

This question comes in my mind when I am talking to my girlfriend. What's your opinion?

I cheated but I love him?

Me and my boyfriend are long distance. I have never done well with long distance but it wasn’t an option. We also cannot FaceTime only...

Has anyone had an ex come back while they're in a new relationship?

My ex came back but he has a new girlfriend. He talked about getting back together and apologizing and crying, but he wasn't genuinely...

Guys would how would you feel if your girlfriend doesn't remember her first kiss with you?

I dont remember my first kiss with my boyfriend and I feel horrible especially now that he kind of brought up the experience we shared...

Is it better to just be friends that have an intimate relationship?

When i met my ex we were friends, we were our favorite people and we talked together for hours. It did not matter that i did not meet...

Is suggesting some space in a relationship ultimately the end of a relationship?

This lady and I had our first big hurdle in our relationship. We spent two hours last Wednesday talking about things and ultimately I...

Should people move in together before getting married?

i believe so cause if they move in together they can see if they are compatible to live together or not 🙃

Do you like or just swipe?

When you're in a relationship do you like or heart other peoples pictures? Is it ok for your partner to do so?

Aunt doesn't like my long-distance boyfriend. Do I listen to her?

About two months I got into a long-distance relationship, we talk on the phone and I know that he is a real person. Well, she has been...

Do you think you’ve ever had genuine love?

Romantic love, not familial I’m talking about

Why do some people think seeing and talking to your crush/partner daily is a bad thing?

Do you not realize that once you live together, you're gonna have to see em abd talk at least once a day anyways? Or did you just assume...

Am I over thinking this about him?

I have a buddy with benefits. At first we were having casual sex. I have noticed now that he keeps quite an eye on me. He is the one to...

I am 25 and I have been talking to this 17 year old girl for around 4 weeks. How long should I wait to ask her to be my girlfriend?

I talk to her daily. We are going to videochat on Saturday. I talked to both her mom and dad, and they both seem to like me a lot....

Is 10 years too long to mourn for a girlfriend?

My supervisor finally got into a relationship last August at the age of 26. When he was 16, he lost his HS girlfriend in a terrible...

Can you be in relationship with someone who uses thick power glasses?

Someone who has been using thick power glasses ( around -6 power) since childhood , can you be in relationship with such a person and...