The Science of Password Sharing and the Art of Strengthening Relationship

*Greets like never before and in jocund tune appreciates* "I loved the swag with which you logged in to your Facebook account last...

The “true love” test: Vague and misleading

In my childhood I remember reading different fairy tales’ books. From the typical prince charming saving a princess, to the bad boy who...

The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well during these COVID-19 times. Makes for a great opportunity to write, though! Today`s Take is all...

What It's Like Loving Someone With ADD/ADHD

Love... is not a simple thing. It comes in different forms, ways and expressions, and it is anything but easy. However, if you love or...

Learning how to recognise and deal with passive aggressive partners.

I've been doing some reading.

Male-Female Relationships in the Workplace

In our professional lives, we have encounters with people of the opposite sex every day. It might be over lunch, meetings, or during...

Do you think its acceptable to ghost someone?

For example Your dating someone and you find yourself in a bad way but instead of explaing this you just ghost them

Do you think they were destined for each other?

His dream girl, ever since he was in high school, would be half-black and half-Salvadoran. Guess what she is? Half-black and...

What should I do?

I feel intimidated by my wife during fights I run away to escape

Feel like where not as close anymore?

I moved in with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago and it's great and I love him But i feel like where less close and acc spend less time...

What makes a great conversation? how would you start one?

What do you think makes a great conversation with someone, no matter gender.

Lazy boyfriend?

has anyone split up with their boyfriend purely because they just became so lazy? I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, we...

How to gain a woman's trust who has trust issues?

How do you gain a woman's trust who doesn't trust people easily?

I saw pictures on the phone? How to talk?

Today I saw some pictures on the phone from my girlfriend. Like sitting on the face of a boy, bondage even a short video about female...

There’s a lot of history to this story... but I’d like to know what you’d do if you found your boyfriend installed a gps in your vehicle?

Soo. I grew up in a very unhealthy house/environment where I was mentally abused and sometimes physically. I’m a very private person and...

Girls and Guys would you be a sugar baby to pay off college debt?

This question came into mind because my friend has a roommate who’s apparently a sugar baby and she makes like 3,000 a week to pay off...

True or false: if someone really likes you, they would want a relationship no matter what?

Is there such thing as "too busy for a relationship"? Even if they have feelings for you

What is your love language?

If you are unsure what your love language is take the test

Is this guy playing games?

I’ve been speaking to someone on Snapchat for around a week. He’s been pretty responsive, last week, he asked to meet up face to face. I...

Do you believe that there is someone for everyone?

Do you believe there is someone for everyone or are some just not suitable for partnerships

What Would Cause You To End A Relationship? Would You Be Able To Gorgive And Forget And Renew The Relationship?

I have to admit ... Eating someone's leftovers should be considered a crime punishable by death!

Should I tell her what I said?

I was talking to this girl I really like and have a lot of things in common with and we can talk about basically anything and she even...

I am 25 (almost 26) and my girlfriend (sort of fiance) is 17 turning 18, do you think the age gap is too big?

We met on June 1st. We talk every single day. She is 17 and I am 25. I'll turn 26 before she turns 18, although our birthdays are just...

Do you agree if cheat on your partner once and regret it then you shouldn't tell them?

"More often than not, I usually advise against clients telling their partner if they've cheated, especially if this is something that...