My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

I want to share with you why I'm considering to convert to Islam, what my thoughts are about the Islamic rules, how I believe God is working and my thoughts about prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). PS! This is just about my faith; what I believe. There's a reason it's called faith and this MyTake is subjective.

(God's pronouns in this MyTake = Them/They, gender neutral. "Pbuh" means "Peace be upon him".)

Why I am considering converting to Islam

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering ConvertingI believe in a strong monotheism where there's only one God who created the whole universe. I don't believe in the trinity. For me it doesn't make sense God made either himself or another "god" a human to just die for the human's sins. Why would God die and why would he need other gods to help him? God could do things by themselves. I don't think Judaism or Christianity is something for me because I don't believe messiah has been here or would come. When I hear the word "polytheism" I'm thinking about Greek and Norse mythology in addition to Hinduism. The religions make it sound like the deities are human beings with superpowers who become parents, marry each others and are living like human beings. I doubt God is the same as a human being. If it wasn't for prophet Muhammad Islam wouldn't be widespread. Without a God, how could this world exist and be so advanced? Therefore I am considering to convert.

My opinion about Islamic rules...
The five pillars:

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

The five pillars are the rules in Islam.

In my opinion the only thing that's required to be a Muslim is believing in only one God and that prophet Muhammad was his messenger. You also have to say the shahadah (the creed) to be one, and preferably in front of either an imam or two Muslim witnesses. Like in other religions you can also be a modern, conservative or something in the between. Therefor I don't think you've to follow all the five pillars (rules) although it's recommended. Many modern Muslims are choosing to not following all the rules like the fasting and the pilgrim to Mecca for example like how not all Christians are fasting or going to the church every Sunday. It don't make you lesser of a Muslim and I think the environment you're living in can affect your lifestyle. It's important to adapt to the place you lives in. I don't believe it's a sin to not follow all of the pillars and it's actually beneficial to keeping up with your time, society etc.

I won't fast because I don't think it would be beneficial at all. I thinks it's a better deed keeping myself in a good mood so I won't be grumpy toward other people while being in school, work or something else which is important. I also thinks I would be more helpful if I donated to charity or became a voluntarily worker than "starving" myself. I also thinks traveling to Mecca is unnecessary. First of all I'm disagreeing with Saudi Arabia breaking the human's rights, so I don't want to support them, God is everywhere - so I can keep up a relationship with him and the third reason is that I can do other good deeds instead. Just because the prophet visited Mecca don't mean I've to visit it. He's just a human being anyway.

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

Many Muslims are praying five times a day.

When it comes to the salah (praying) God doesn't have any need of being worshiped or people praying to them. It's more like humans are praying because they need it. Humans can be weak sometimes and sometimes are in need of comfort, friendship etc. In my opinion praying five times a day has nothing to do with submission, but is rather about a caring energy/power helping people. Sometimes it can be like a meditation, having a conversation and being thankful over what you have. I've tried praying five times a day and it's not stress like how some people want it to sound like. It's like hanging out with someone.


My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

Alcohol is a big no for many Muslims. I also see it as bad.

Alcohol - I don't drink it and I've always avoided it. Even when I didn't believe in anything I avoided it. It's harming your health and makes you think lesser clear making it more likely for accidents etc. Alcohol and hardcore partying isn't a good thing, so I think it would be better if everyone avoided it regardless which faith they've.

Pork - Why pork is haram in Islam is because it's dangerous to eat in hot climates, where the pigs wasn't monitored as much as today and because of life threatening parasites. Pigs could eat almost everything including unhealthy things making them full of parasites. Nowadays in rich cold climate countries where the pigs are watched all the time, so they can't eat dangerous stuffs, it's not as dangerous to eat pork. Since the times are changing and it's varying from environments to environments, it would make more sense to judge from case to case. In Nordic countries it's safe to eat it, but in hot climates and poor countries it's just something to avoid.

Gender roles:

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

Both genders should have the same opportunities, be treated with respect and none of the genders are superior to the other ones. Religion shouldn't be used as an excuse to discriminate or be rude toward someone. Nor should it be forced on anyone either. Same applies to the hijab, it should be voluntary to wear it.


My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering ConvertingIn the past the infant mortality rates were higher, fewer people grew old etc. because of diseases and that they didn't have the same knowledge or technology at that time as today. So there's no wonder people at that time worried about the population and wanted people to marry to get children. The world's population has increased with time and more people have grown old thanks to better technology, and therefore a too little population wouldn't be a problem. So this harmless thing would be even more harmless today than then because of time is changing. There's more than seven billion people in the world as well.

The Qur'an:

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

The Qur'an is the holy book in Islam like how Christians have the bible.

Just because the Qur'an tells you about many things doesn't mean it should be taken literally. Somethings are probably written in metaphors, while other things are about how some people experienced things; not necessary how it's for everyone. In addition it's written by humans. Since humans aren't flawless, they can just interpret things wrongly and write it down, or just share their subjective opinion. If something was very significant to understand correctly, God could just show himself in front of us all and tell us it. The translated versions can also be translated wrongly. It's difficult to translate it from one language to another one, so mistakes can happen and the whole meaning or context can suddenly just change completely. As I've mentioned many times earlier in this MyTake, times changes and the Qur'an were written at a time in an environment where these things was suitable. In a modern society things may work differently. It should also be allowed to discuss and questioning it in addition to interpret it.


My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

God (Allah) is according to my belief the first and the greatest designer in the world. They created the world and designed every single details. Nobody knows for sure why God created this universe, but it might be because they're a creative beings and likes being creative. A designer who doesn't design anything aren't a designer. Since humans have different opinions on perfection and it's a subjective subject, therefor some would think God is perfect, while others won't. God is like how they're and either they fits your definition or they don't. Some says because of the problem of evil God can't be all-powerful and all-knowing. It's some humans who said God have to be all-powerful, all-knowing etc. It's a possibility they're it and it's a possibility otherwise. Maybe it's a reason the world is like how it's now that humans aren't able to comprehend. It can be a good reason that we don't know about. Perhaps we eventually get to know it later. Who knows? God have created a huge universe with several galaxies, planets, nature laws etc.

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering Converting

When it comes to afterlives I doubt humans are capable to comprehend how it's in Hell and Heaven, and who's coming there. It's only God who knows. Because of the revenge mindset sounds very human like and God isn't a human, I doubt God wants revenge and that the human's conception of Hell and Heaven is true. It's difficult to know how God thinks and works because we're humans, but they're not. They works differently. Maybe heaven is a good place to be for people who wants to be with God, but Hell is either the people deceasing to exist or a nice place to be for people who don't want to spend their time with God. The life on earth is anyway very harsh, so life itself can be Hellish enough for many, so why would eternal torture be necessary?

Prophet Muhammad

My Thoughts About Islam and Why I'm Considering ConvertingProphet Muhammad (Pbuh) wasn't only a prophet, he was also a human being like everyone else who's human. I thinks he shouldn't be worshiped or be seen as a role model. He did both good and bad deeds like any humans are capable to do. Just because the prophet did things in his life don't mean you've to do the same or that's recommended. He wasn't God and he wouldn't become one either. The thing he did was making Islam widespread and being inspired by God. If drawing other historical and famous people are okay, then drawing Muhammad is also okay in my opinion. The rules that applies to others should also apply to him because he and other famous people are humans. It's a difference between drawing someone to just have a picture and to drawing someone to idolizing them.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're picking and choosing what part of the religion you want to follow and you're interpreting it's you see fit. If you do that, you'll never be a true Muslim. That's how they get you, you realize that? At first they say its okay, the book is there to be interpreted as you want, but little by little they force their conditioning on you - you've already built them a base so all the have to do is build on it and then pretty soon you're pledging your life to Allah and driving exploding trucks across bridges and into courthouses. Don't bullshit about Islam being respectful of women either. They're not "respectful" of women - women there are subjugated enough that its more like keeping an eye on a flock of sheep.

    • There's probably no better example of "ignorance" than your opinion lol

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    • Exactly. You don't know. You MUST study the Qur'an!

    • You'll be glad you did.

Most Helpful Guy

  • First off, you're a 'blue anon', which indicates you are unwilling to really stand up for your faith. Second, you're cherry-picking what YOU think Islam should be, but don't worry, your new Islamic friends will be working on you until you come around. Islam has no respect for women, other than controlling them. Her place is to be obedient, married, and to produce a lot of children. If any woman even dares to think for herself, she'll be beaten or even killed by a father, husband, brother, or whoever. That's what happened to Benazir Bhutto.

    Islam is supposed to be the religion of peace, yet it's the Muslim countries who seem to have the most war, and the most closed-mindedness. Why are all these Muslim refugees fleeing to Christian Europe? Because their Muslim brethren will not take them in, even though some of these Muslim countries are swimming in money. So much for compassion and charity.

    I've read the Quran, and it states repeatedly that a Muslim's duty is to either convert or kill infidels. Of course, if I bring this point up, a Muslim will tell me I'm reading the wrong Quran, that I should be reading an 'Arab Quran, or some kind of Taquiaa like that. ISIS is actually carrying out the true teachings of the Quran. There are just too many Muslims carrying out this kind of behavior for it to just be some misinterpreted knowledge of Islam.

    As far as rudeness, Muslims are actually told to be rude to infidels. I was once walking in a mall, and four Muslim women were walking towards me. Out of courtesy, I stepped aside for them to let them pass. They didn't even acknowledge me, say 'hello', 'sorry', or even look at me. It was like I was invisible to them. That's what they think of non-Muslims.

    Still, it's your call.


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What Girls Said 14

  • I don't blame you for considering converting. You are seeing the part that man has made to make sense. It seems easy and simple to have 5 main rules (emphasis on *main* since there are so many other rules) to follow and that's it. The thing is, with Islam, there are no opinions that you can get of your own. You would have to follow Islam HOW IT IS. You're not supposed to interpret how you want or cherry pick. Dude, it sounds simple and easy at first but when you actually look more into the Quran, You'll find that it's not as equal as it likes to act like. It says to hit your wife into submission "lightly" if she disobeys. The men are allowed 4 wives while the women only 1 husband. And if you look into the rewards in paradise, it is like a supposedly dream magical sex city. Young boys there to "serve" as it says. Then there are maidens/virgins there that are "fair" and pleasing to the eye supposedly, that are petite and basically described to be the embodiment of any hentai girl. They don't give backlash, just "serve" and any of the men who brought wives into paradise don't have to worry about their wives getting jealous. It says they won't be jealous. That's a dream it seems, to have sex with eternal virgins for the rest of your eternity and your wife not mind.

    There's so many contradictions within that one single book. They want to overlook it and they will blame the contradictions on translation errors or you aren't understanding right and their number one defense when they can't say anything is "Allah is one, inshallah". What I find interesting is that the Quran was a book written during times of war. The simple word "war" is mentioned in that book a crazy amount of times for a religion that is supposed to be of peace. The only peace it has is to those who are converted. And even then, Muslims can't even get their Muslim countries united. Peaceful... not really.

  • Well good luck dealing with other Muslims if your not brown they are very racist towards other race groups behind their backs. They never admit that they hate black people, think white people as slutty druggies, Asians people are dog eaters cheapskates to their faces only behind their backs well never actually say it but you can tell the dislike from them. Which is why I am not friends with anymore Muslims I'm tired of the closet racism in this community.

    • i think by stating what other muslims think (in your own opinions) you stated your own racism.
      my mom is muslim my dad is jewish and i haven't heard a single thing towards any of those things from any of my mom's relatives.

      There is a saying in my mom's native tongue: Tell me who your friend is, i will tell you who you are. you are blaming bad people and their bad attitudes on them being muslims, like it is making you a good person to not be friends with them, then you come talk about that. i don't think you are any different than those people you mention. oh wait, you christian i guess. so for your bad attitude let's blame all the christians.

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    • Assuming I'm racist when I literal said not all Muslims are like that but it majority of them are racist.

    • why do you lie? WHY DO YOU LIE? WHY ARE YOU LYING?

  • You are applying a christian or humanist perspective to islam, which simply does not exist within islamic teaching themselves.

    *Islam considers the quran the DIRECT word of god, not just something written by humans. As such, most sheikhs consider the quran something to be taken literally.

    *You complain of Saudi's human rights violations. Well Saudi derives all its laws from the Quran and the Sunnah of Mohammad.

    *No practicing muslim considers mohammad a "human being like everyone else" who has done "both good and bad deeds like any humans are capable." He is the epitome of perfection to them. If you become muslim, prepare for a lot of flak just for saying that.

    Like a lot of potential converts to islam, you are attracted to its outward simplicity. You probably like the idea that it provides structure as well.
    A muslim probably sold you on that idea. But guess what? They are REQUIRED to advertise their religion for the purpose of expanding the base. So of course, they'll tell you what you want to hear.

    It's the milk before meat method. They'll tell you the easy to digest stuff first, then only after you join, they'll give you the hard to digest stuff. But since you can't leave (as islam forbids converting out), you'd have no choice but to suck yourself in.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • *You complain of Saudi's human rights violations. Well Saudi derives all its laws from the Quran and the Sunnah of Mohammad.

      You lost me there, stop spreading lies.

    • @DumbandDumbber - okay, so they don't follow the sharia rules regarding international transactions with unbelievers. that's still 99%, which is pretty much close to all.

    • Dude Saudi Arabia is unislamic as it gets. There is no compulsion in islam and all they do is force stuff on people, that is all I have to say.

  • You have got to be crazy to do this. But it is your life.

    • Being a Muslim who is against capitalism, immorality and abortion is better than being an immoral, feminazi and pro-choice Western who worships modern/non-original values like a holy book instead of God.

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    • Bye outstanding person because he's a Westerner!

    • @Rissyanne @SuperMan89s I apologise you all. If there are good women and men there, I don't hate and want to hurt them. I've never had a girlfriend and that makes me stressed. Also this site, OKCupid 'dating' site, Quora and others have a lot of dirty and even disgusting things and it was a big shock me to realise the real word. That's why I act like that. I'd better stay away from those sites.

  • Islam was spread by the sword. Muhammad was a warlord and he killed many innocents. Before anyone brings up the crusades, the crusades were a response to Islamic invasion.

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    • Do you two not see the irony of what you are saying?

      @lovelyhoneybones " A lot of things instigated wars, mainly the way people treated Islam and the prophet"
      - do you think that people are just gonna accept someone when they declare themselves as a prophet?
      They crucified jesus for that.
      But your prophet's solution was to massacre the opponents and establish islam by force. And then make the other religious people pay jizya in order to be allowed to live. Very peaceful of him.

      @DawnRising God said in the Quran "(17:88) Declare this, "Even if human beings and jinns should cooperate with one another to bring forth a book like the Qur'an, they will never be able to bring anything like it, even though all of them help one another"

      And eho do you think wrote that down? God himself?
      Even if for arguments sake, god wrote the original Quran, who rewrote it? Over all those centuries, who rewrote and published all those qurans? It wad people? And people can always add or remove things.

    • @lord_chilled Let me explain to you. The Quran was descended upon prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. Prophet Muhammad recited whatever the Angel revealed to him to his companions. Some of them memorized the verses and some of them wrote them down, specially after the prophet's death in the time of Abu bakr the first caliph, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (one of the greatest companions and the second caliph) suggested to recollect all the verses that was memorized by the companions and that was written and put it in one book. and that's how the first manuscript of the Quran was created.

  • I was raised in an Islamic household and I disagree with a lot of the things Islam calls for, like how women are to be treated for example. Yes, women do have a high standing in Islam as mothers, daughters and wives but a lot of the time they have to ask permission from male family members or their husbands. Even their little brothers get put above them. Now I am no longer muslim but I do like a lot of things about Islam, it's just not for me. I hope you're able make your decision though and be happy with it.

  • I fell in love with a Muslim before. I didn't knew they can't marry non-Muslim people 😢

    • A Muslim guy can marry a woman who's either Christian or Jewish, but a Muslim girl can't marry other than a Muslim guy according to the traditions. But not every Muslims are old fashioned and conservatives. Some are more modern and don't follow these rules.

  • Welcome! :)

  • Bye bye

  • You're saving yourself and this is awesome.
    All these people in comments spreading hate I truly feel sorry for them. I see how they are trying to stop you but you know better what is best for yourself. Follow your heart.

    • By the way what happened did you decide anything? If not , okay.

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What Guys Said 39

  • Haha, gender equality in Islam? What the fuck are you smoking?

    If you've ever been to an Islamic country in the middle east or southeast Asia, you'll know that women are treated like garbage or commodities.

    There is also the question of what makes you think that Muhammed is the one single god, when most other religions make the exact same claim about their god. How can there be only one true god, but also so many other religions that also claim one true god?

    • 600 ADs when Islam was founded in Arabia, women had the right to divorce, inherit property and to work. You know when sexism towards women truly started in Europe (in the 1100s) why did women fight for the right to vote or to get equal rights or millions of women marched during the feminist movements in the 1920s, 1930s, 1970s and so on. You think sexism towards women is only in Islam, it is a global issue you fucking moron. Stop talking shit about Islam and Muslims as if you know Islam truly as if you studied it to get your Ph. D. in, you lack common sense.

    • @thatguyfromtoronto

      That didn't make sense at all. When did I say sexism only exists in Islam? I fully agree that sexism occurs worldwide, to both men and women.

      If you are making the argument for gender equality, you should not be using the most oppressive religion from the most oppressive part of the planet as your benchmark for success.

      Muslim societies are the most abhorent in the world. Muslim child rapists are the norm in Middle Eastern countries. Marriages with 9 year olds are the norm. Mass slaughter of men, and rapes of women and children are the norm in Muslim countries like Somalia. You don't need a PhD to know that. One of the failing arguments people make is that "you need a PhD in the subject to have an opinion", which would limit the discussion to... well, certainly not you.

      Your westernized version of Islam is nothing like the real Islam in the middle east.

  • dude i used to be a forced Muslim but i changed to Christianity its just shit to women and an excuse for men to marry 4 wifes and girls 4 time younger than them and its coming from a guy that is living with them right now and the photo that say Prophet Muhammad is not Muhammad its Ali the guy who married muhammads 12 year old daughter.

  • None of this makes any sense... there is so many holes in this that you sound like a muslim born dude just pretending to want to convert making up anything you can find to stick to your ideology... lol

    Don't buy it one bit... sounds like a muslim born
    I've heard many muslims say the exactly same stuff you are regurgitating though. I'm surprised you didn't bring in how the Quran is scientific too lol...

  • I find it interesting that many of your viewpoints line up with the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Basically it's Islam, minus Muhammad. We don't believe in the trinity either, that's a Western Christian thing.

    • Which of my viewpoints do match the Eastern orthodox Christianity and which doesn't? What do they believe in, if they don't believe in the trinity?

    • Well we believe that Jesus was inferior to God, for one thing. The muslim view on gender roles is largely identical, treating women as equals (even as more important than men in some respects). The Alcohol and Pork thing is a little bit different, but you even see in the Bible that it's not like Jesus was eating Pork (at all) or over consuming alcohol, it's all about moderation.

      The Pillars and 10 Commandments quite similar as well, but the Commandments are supposed to be God's direct message to people. while the Pillars are more like the building blocks to maintaining a Muslim society. The big thing you need to understand about Islam vs Christianity is that Islam is a form of government mixed with religious ideas, while Christianity rejects the establishment. It all boils down to what appeals to you the most.

  • This reads like something that a girl enrolled in community college would write after reading a Buzzfeed article on how Islam is LGBT friendly.

  • As a Muslim guy, I say good for you for following Islam. People can run their mouth and talk all the shit they want about Islam but when ignorant people finally realize omg there is a hell and a heaven and I am going to be judged for my actions and Islam was the religion God predicated on, this is where the soul of the non-believer will shit themselves.

    You will get a lot of backlash for this post but be strong, continue being a good person and follow Islam the right way, the just way. People watch whats on TV about ISIS and Al-Qaeda, as a Shia Muslim such as myself, people don't know that even in Saudi Arabia the government and the kings/princes make the rules in a very bias way.

    Why is it that Donald Trump banned certain countries but not Saudi Arabia because that country is an oil country and Trump loves that country because of the rich kings and the status. In the 600s (AD) Women in Islam had the right to divorce, to have a job, to inherit property so this whole flawed view of ISLAM MISTREATS WOMEN, people should know their facts first. The time women were truly oppressed was actually around the 1100s in England and spread throughout Europe. But people are too stupid to comprehend any of that knowledge because they choose to be prejudice against Muslims. I know people on here who love to see a Muslim genocide like the Jews went through in WW2 and that is the sick thinking and the hatred people have nowadays.

    Your faith will be tested as a Muslim, as an individual, like I said, pray, help others regardless Muslim or not, and prove to the nay-sayers, prove to the haters that Muslims are good people and Islam is a religion of peace. For anyone who messages me and says look at ISIS and Al-Qaeda, those groups were pretty much funded by the Middle-East and America could have been involved with that, who knows? But only God knows best and I hope God provides the strength and knowledge to those who are Muslims or even non-Muslims.

    The time of the 12th imam and Jesus Christ is soon approaching and people again are stupid because the Quran predicted world events from the messenger of Allah (God) in the 600s, so to those who bash Islam or the Quran, I say, how can something be predicted in the 600s and come true throughout time? If people connect the dots of what God's message was in the Quran and look at the historical events or the way certain places in the world has transformed that's when people will be shocked or they may still not believe it.

    • If he even existed. You're prophet was a pedophile. He claims he split the moon in two after riding there on a winged horse lmao. You gotta pray at least 4 times a day. 99.9% of Terrorism attacks are claimed by terrorist groups operating under Islamic belief system and you guys are ruining Europe and anywhere else that you move to.

      Please wake up asap.

    • @Cursewords I woke up, it's you who has the veil over his face.

  • First, they don't say "peace be upon him" but "may Allah's prayers and salutations be upon him" in Arabic. Anyway, I doubt Muhammad was a prophet, he was just a scam artist. In any case, if you become Muslim you cannot leave. Death for apostasy. Think long and hard before converting. Otherwise, I don't care what you do with your life.

  • I respect your beliefs, but it seems like you are manipulating their holy texts. You mention parts they believe in and then you warp them for what you think it should be.

  • So you want to practice Islam, but without 90% of the conventions...

    Why bother attaching yourself to any organized religion at all? I grew up in a Christian church but always thought the trinity thing was crap - a lot of denominations don't follow that.

  • LOL so let me get this straight.. you're joining a religion which kills people who change their minds and leave it?

    Not a wise move buddy. You want to join a death cult.

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