2 reasons why 'atheists' are hypocrites for celebrating Halloween

I will go into why 'atheists' are hypocrites for celebrating Halloween

Death glorifying

While I disagree with Satanists putting emphasis on death and evil spirits, I can at-least say they are consistent with their hatred and religious practices and ritual views. Atheists have no excuse. I truly think they celebrate this because it is at enmity with God. Christianity is about celebrating life and victory over death. Sure, Jesus died but His story was that we can conquer death. Halloween glorifies and praises evil, witches, demons and death.

Death is their glory
Death is their glory

Credence to their hidden god files

By sheepishly partaking in Halloween, they are giving praise to the dark and evil unseen world of ghost, demons and death, where all hope of peace and joy is abandoned. Their hearts are full of disparities and anger at God and the Holy presence of angels and comfort. They number on the dark side by teaming up with Satan. They have a hidden allegiance to Satan because he destructs their mind and empowers them with worldly wonders and they want no part of God and His story. They have their agenda and bed made in Hell. They allow Satan to stamp their soul into eternal damnation.

God of glory hides from their joy but atheists find a false version
God of glory hides from their joy but atheists find a false version


It is rather obvious that atheism is a parent religion of the occult. It should be no surprise that the Holy Ghost revealed this revelation to me.

Many people will see this and think nothing of it and scoff but my mission here is to rile up the demons within people so they can see this spiritual warfare and breakthrough needs to be stomped out on Halloween. Make the pledge to stomp Halloween to Hell. These atheists are simple and easy to read in the spiritual zone of their life.

Thanks for reading and please reply.

2 reasons why 'atheists' are hypocrites for celebrating Halloween
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  • dangerDoge
    2 questions thought up reading this:
    1.) Do you believe Christians (or non-Satanic worshippers) should celebrate Halloween?
    2.) Are holidays' meanings relative or pre-determined? To clarify, I'm saying if someone looks at Christmas and sees it as Santa-Claus day more-or-less, would they be still celebrating Jesus' birth (or Pagan tradition, depending on viewpoint) even if they didn't know about the biblical aspect/tradition of it?
    • I don't think any holiday is worthy of glorifying death. They dress up as ghosts, witches and devils who are the epitome of death. I think the true roots of the holiday is a different taste from the perverted one now represented.

      Yes. I understand that some people just all hyped on the Santa Claus theme and many take it too far from the true meaning of Christmas and I disagree with selfish people only looking forward to Christmas in terms of what they can get. It dilutes the joys of the spirit if the real meaning of Christmas and many atheists and other non Christians mock the holiday around the world.

    • Christians should teach others what these holidays truly were intended to represent.

  • coolbreeze
    Interesting read...

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