What the Parable of the Two Sons Say About Human Nature (Matthew 21:28-32) Bible

What the Parable of the Two Sons Say About Human Nature (Matthew 21:28-32) Bible

There are two types of agreement

One is emotional agreement

And one is social agreement

What God is trying to show us in this biblical passage is that the superior morals of the pharisees over the tax collectors and prostitutes was more an act of social conformity than it was an act of conscience

Those who have the courage to socially deviate from the pact are more likely to cultivate authentic emotional agreement with Gods word

Than those who hide their disagreements with God for social reasons

This is why the pharisees were no more ethical than the prostitutes and tax collectors

They did things out of their vanity and social conformity

And not out of their desire to glorify God or serve Him

Here Jesus high lights both the danger of self vanity and also the obscenity of moral vanity

What the Parable of the Two Sons Say About Human Nature (Matthew 21:28-32) Bible
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  • CuteNerd9
    That's a fairly accurate interpretation. A similar interpretation to the parable where two men enter the church to pray. The pharisee thanked God for for not being like other men and went on about all the good he does. The second man, a tax collector, fell to his knees and confessed to God that he is a sinner and begged for his mercy. Which prayer is preferred by God. Obviously the tax collector.
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  • Jjpayne
    Could not agree more with these words and if we are honest with ourselves we fit in both categories ourselves. Sometimes we say things we are going to do then change our minds then we say we are not going to do something yet decide to so it anyway later. I think we as people commonly do both
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  • OfDeath
    Its a horrible story like most stories in the Bible. Jesus is basically saying prostitutes and extortionists are better than free thinkers. Which is absolute bullshit.
    The fact is that most religious people are the second son. Completely dishonest. Atheists are more like the first. They don't necessarily want to do something but have the ability to rationalise.
  • AndyDragon
    I do believe that the pasaage about two sons is actually about Humans and Neanderthals.
  • AnnT0117
    Interesting. I never really looked at it that way. You looked at it very differently than how I've been looking at it.
  • venomhbk1313
    I'm not up to date on this much I'll do my research
  • Yes. Pride will cause many people to fall away from God.
  • colin77
    Word word