What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do

What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do

One of my child hood friends became a pharmacy professor. Another one got an MD and PhD from 2 Ivy League schools. Another one became a doctor. Another one also became a doctor. Another one became a top computer science CEO in Silicon Valley.

What all these people had in common was that they believed in God and built deep emotional connections with their friends. Over half of them would cry when I left their homes or we got into arguments as young children and all of them disclosed their true self to me and were willing to be vulnerable around the people they trusted.

A person who never believes anybody, never trusts anybody and is never willing to let somebody impress them or amaze them or humble them, lives alone. They do not give anybody emotional space in their lives. All my successful Christian friends were willing to be vulnerable around those they loved because Jesus was vulnerable around those He loved. They did not depend on others for validation but they were willing to care about others, even if it meant personal heart break for them.

What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do
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  • AverageGuy9037
    I do believe success is subjective honestly. Think about it, not all those who are in the Bible were successful, there were some who were poor but filled their purposes, meaning that they were successful
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  • Redstang88
    There’s a lot of wealthy atheists and a lot of poor and stupid Christians. Not related
  • Anonymous
    I have a friends who are successful and kind too. Sorry to burst your bubble none of them are Christians.
    I do know several Christians one told my ex husband he’d never do anything with his life or have any money if he paid child support. One prays to god daily to give her strength then back stabs everyone. Another refused to let me raise money for a charity that supported children in deprived areas because it may take money away from the church and the final one keeps getting animals then dumps them so I care for them. Christianity is a blast glad you can use it to make yourself feel superior to others though congrats
    • Hello, well you see, if you read the Bible, such people were present in the time of Jesus as well. That's why one of the two greatest commandments is to love your neighbour. Failure to do so makes the rest of the religion useless. The Bible makes it clear that true and pure religion is to care for orphans and widows (basically loving the less fortunate).

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe in anything such as Christianity where the rule is behave like an ass Monday to Saturday but you go to church Sunday so you are forgiven and superior. Church is no more than a social group and if there was a genuine god I don’t think he’d approve

    • Hmm that's a misunderstanding honestly. Scroll through the Bible all you want, there's nothing that says you have to go to church to be a Christian.

      Alas, just like in the time of Jesus, the church is plagued by self-righteous people. Either way, following Jesus is an everyday thing, not just on Sundays. Besides, you're missing the point, being Christian is to follow Christ, not people. Christ is the benchmark, not other self-righteous people. Christ taught us to love others, that's why he hanged out with prostitutes and people of bad reputation, because Jesus wasn't self-righteous, instead he chose to help them and support them in their lives by teaching them.

      Love, that's the essence of Christianity. No matter how religious a Christian is, if he lacks love, then he'd be like a beautiful empty egg, ever so beautiful on the outside but empty inside.

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