The real reason some people cannot forgive their enemies

The real reason some people cannot forgive their enemies

They say that people are creatures of habit and I would say that moral currency is the opposite of material currency. If somebody is obsessed with money and greed and maximizing their sensations and experiences in life, it will cause them to reject love and charity and worship and humility because those things run counter to the kingdom of materialism and greed. This is why a stingy person cannot be forgiving and an unforgiving person cannot appreciate people. It comes down to greed and self indulgence. I heard through stories on television of poor woman who become very rich and end up forgetting all their moral principles along the way. Greed interferes with forgiveness and generosity interferes with bitterness.

The real reason some people cannot forgive their enemies
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  • Kaamraj
    Most people cannot forgive their enemies because true forgiveness comes from true choice, and that requires you to be at a similar power level as your enemies. Until and unless you can reach that level, you cannot truly forgive your enemies.
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  • collie22
    so true
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  • sunshineglow
    Forgiveness shall not be pushed. The ability to forgive appears greater with more time that has passed in the meanwhile. If you forgive too early, that's unnatural and it's hurting you. It's as putting acid on your own wound. Better wait wound to heal and then touch into it again. Now it's healed - now it doesn't hurt. So it's okay to forgive now that it doesn't mean anything anymore.

    Sadly, some pains wounds are too large. They don't heal even after many years.

    It's okay to call on God to help you.
    Sometimes not only life but out battles are also larger than ourselves.
    We are not all powerful. But God can intercede for us and do justice for us. It's a liberating feeling to know there is justice.
    Until there's such justice it's relatively hard to forgive, to some even impossible. Equalising of energies really does need to take place there where such harsh wrongdoings were done unto someone, that it crippled his life and left him broken and bitter.

    Human is still very vulnerable being. We need progress and inner growth but we can't do everything and everything on our own.
  • Luopio27
    Enemies rarely care about forgivnes, unless they are over powered and pushed to the corner.

    Most people on earth have their own people they care about more than others. We as humans are not equally important to each other, and that is the reason its every man for himself. every company for itself and ever country for itself.
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  • cth96190
    The only acceptable enemy is one who can no longer harm me, which usually means that the enemy is dead.
    Forgiveness is a foolish notion of wooly-headed dreamers, who do not have to fight the battles.
    My enemies can discuss forgiveness during an in-person meeting with God.
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  • t-8900
    There are just some repeat offenders in my personal life that I've forgiven so many times until they showed that they were remorseless. Those people get nothing from me anymore. Sadly one of those people was my mother.
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  • Rachelspiks
    It's got nothing to do with greed. Sometimes people do things that are just unforgivable. It really is as simple as that.
  • lorenzomichael
    Some people can't forgive anyone because there dead.
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  • NeicyDOne
    Becaus they really hurt u bad and it's almost impossible to forgive. What was their purpose?
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  • nawtee_me
    Forgiving does not mean forgetting as so many people think. I won't forget the wrong so that I do not let it happen again. I forgive so that that hurt does not control me and live rent free in my head. Jesus on the cross showed us how to forgive correctly when he said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." See we don't just say I forgive them, I also pray and ask God not to hold it against them either... This take the hurt the enemy would try and use against me and renders it powerless...
  • Anonymous
    because they been hurt to damn much
  • Anonymous
    Maybe they can't forgive themselves.
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