Why the world hates Christians

Why the world hates Christians

I used to be jealous of a girl who had done everything I had tried to do and done it better than me because she would always drive me out of the discussion and when I tried to make new friends, she would steal them me by showing off and appearing to be more interesting then me.

I had a dream when I wondered why she was always stealing my spot light and in my dream God said, I had less recognition than her because I was pursuing God’s Honour, while she was pursuing her own honour, and they could relate to her, but could not relate to me.

In my family, I find the people who hate God, also hate me, and mostly all my friends are people who believe in God, cause everybody else has an issue with my faith In Him and being Chinese, mostly everybody in my social circle is secular or atheist.

I was hated by mostly all my family because they could not relate to me and did not understand me. They made up lies about me being jealous or ungrateful because they did not understand how people like me think.

Recently, a woman I’ve known for years says she still doesn’t know who I am. People can’t relate to me because I’m spiritually different from them, both in character and disposition and motives.

Why the world hates Christians
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  • ravagesavage
    Because the world is lover of darkness rather than light. They don't want to be feel exposed by God and change from their ways.
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  • Zodiac10
    Matthew 10:22

    And ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake:but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
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    • Zodiac10

      Why is there an emoji it's supposed to be "but"

    • yeah people are mean to real true christians cuzthey choose to be willfully ignorant

    • Satanically influenced cultural drama makes christians hated.

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    Well, it's not as much but it's there and I'll explain. Secularism, Secularism is one main thing. People don't want to live by laws whether they benefit or not. People have bad interpretations of history, they take for instance the treatment of native Americans by Puritans as their grounds for denying religion, when the Bible doesn't necessarily condone that, to my knowledge. As a muslim I can tell you sometimes their ignorance and stubbornness is something that hurts your brain, especially when they use christian history for other religion "we can't have shariah law! Don't you see what happened when the colonizers came (protestant christians)" or something that sounds as stupid as that. You also have people using the crusades as a grounds to show catholics being bad, which we can argue on some things in the crusades, but the main thing they use is them killing innocent jews and Muslims who weren't fighting. They use this to show why catholicism is bad but the reality was that this was heavily condemned by the actual church officials and instead an act of individual groups many times. The world hates religion because they don't understand it and it happens even between us. Evangelicals hate Muslims because they think we're going to kill them and Muslims fear all Christians as a result because we fear persecution because of some groups. Some Christians hate jews and many jews hate Christians. Be in, this is all mostly rooted in misunderstanding each other or even their own faiths. As someone who studies these things as a hobby and has many friends of all faiths, especially orthodox and catholics after Muslims, and I love my jew homies, I can tell you, in reality we are all super similar and suffer from the same plague of Secularism and its false teachings not just of how they think society should work, but even their teachings of our faiths.
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    • t-8900

      You're that Latino Muslim convert right? Saw you before. I respect you for being strong in your faith. There is something that binds all people of faith. I don't think it's honestly discipline. I'm takes a lot to follow the laws laid out for us. Throwing those texts away is the easy way out. But I think it's a grave mistake.

  • Aethereal
    From my observation, the world doesn't "hate" Christians. Globalization has led to a trend in society towards accommodating the different religions that exist. No longer does one country completely follow one faith. In the distant past, you could get killed for even being the wrong kind of Christian. The 30 years war in Europe started over this exact thing.

    In the modern world, there is emphasis on secularism. Separation of church and state in Politics (where the church had once been very influential). This is a good thing because many religions (including Christianity) are usually hostile to others (and to Atheists and Agnostics). I think what some religious people see as hatred is simply frustration; if you try to convert/preach your beliefs to someone who isn't interested in them, they'll start avoiding you. The same can be said for people who try to convince others of their political and social beliefs. Religions and their followers seldom like to agree to disagree.

    I used to be Christian, but I became an Atheist at the end of my teenage years. I don't hate Christians or any religious person. But I believe religion is a personal thing. As long as you believe, and are happy/fulfilled, more power to you. I only start getting wary when religious people start trying to convert me. It feels like a breach of mutual respect, like my own beliefs don't matter. I can see why a religious person might then feel hated; if my response to their conversion attempt is to try to convert them as well (since I don't tolerate anyone suggesting that my opinions/beliefs are less important than theirs). Some people might feel attacked, because they thought they were only trying to save my soul, never considering that I might have felt attacked as well by them belittling my beliefs.

    The key thing we all need to learn is mutual respect for each other's beliefs (insofar as those beliefs do not seek to endanger others' lives).
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  • Youryeodongsaeng
    They think because since you rely on God, it's affecting what you really want to do. They think you're some goody-two-shoes.

    People who are religious always do what their beliefs tell them to. They use that as guidance. This makes them seem like that they can't guide themselves. It seems like you people will let some belief rule your life.

    I'm an atheist and I think that all of this god-believing mess has been taken too far. I don't know what y'all hear or see, but I believe that there's nobody there to begin with.
    The most logical thing I can say, is that we don't know for sure if there really is someone out there. Literally. What proof do we even have? Bibles have been written down for hundreds of thousands of years, so there's a chance that today's Bible does not have the same stories as the ones from B. C. and A. C.
    Keep in mind that Jews wrote the Bible, then when the people who were born speaking English discovered about it, many has translated the Bibles, but we are not sure how accurate translating was in B. C. and A. C. But this is just my theory on how the Bibles gotten into the hands of English-speakers.

    I personally think that those Bibles lacks enough evidence that any of those stories actually existed.

    You Christians just like the idea and theories about there being an actual God out there. I'm the type of person who doesn't believe things without proof and evidence; just like the police department.

    I do not understand why y'all are believing in stories like that. It's like reading Twilight and thinking that Vampires and Werewolves are real.
    • Miya123

      The bible was able to fortell events thousands of years before they happened and every single detail was right. All how did all of us get here? How did the earth get here, how did the universe get here? How were the things on it made perfectly to accommodate everyone, you know the exact amount of the tree forest were put there so that we could live. The mechanism of the human body is perfect and very specific who thought it out and planned everything perfectly. The world was perfect that's how God made it, it was corrupted by Satan who thought he was better than him because of him sins exist and people suffer. I can definitely say God is real, I worked on getting closer to him and my life is the better than it used to. I got out of situations that I shouldn't have got out of. His timing is perfect and he has helped my mom greatly and I will also appreciate him for that.

    • YukiCho

      The bible is a giant book of contradictions, mistranslations, and hypocrisy. It's funny how the people in here are calling people who aren't Christians "brainwashed" when they themselves are.
      The evidence is there to show that the bible now is basically completely false. Changed throughout time by the hands of rulers. Mistranslated countless times. It's a book written by the hands of people, not a deity. The dreaded mark of the beast apparently "666" shown in original scriptures to actually be "616."
      The bible didn't predict anything, there was no direct detail. The whole "end times" stuff was describing events that were already happening at the time. And it was just predicted to get worse as time went by.

  • Apulu_3
    If you see then all religions are hated and even loved. I'm not very religious but I do believe in the power which created everyone. I am not that person who prays all the time but I neither disrespect or hate anyone doing that. You shouldn't care what others are thinking of you because it is your life in the end you will want to live it the way you want to. I was also hated because of my religion even though I'm not religious. Don't care about racists they will just come and go.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    It’s in prophecy that in the end times Christianity will become stigmatized by society but do not despair for Christianity will eventually triumph against all adversaries.
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    • YukiCho

      It's not end times though.

    • t-8900

      We're clearly somewhere in Revelation right now. That much is a abundantly clear

    • YukiCho

      Not at all. We're just in a bad place. Albeit a better one from when the book was written. Ever thought about that? The events described in end times aren't new to this era. It's always happened. It just got worse as time went. It was easy to see patterns. What better way to scare people into following someone than to tell them the world was ending.

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  • nawtee_me
    John 15: 17-19
    17This is My command to you: Love one another. 18If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. 19If you were of the world, it would love you as its own. Instead, the world hates you, because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.…

    Proverbs 29:27
    An unjust man is detestable to the righteous, and one whose way is upright is detestable to the wicked.
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  • Subarugirl
    The world doesn't hate real Christians, they hate the hypocrisy, the sexism, and all of the atrocities done in the name of Christianity. And quite frankly I think the world is just sick of having self-righteous jerks trying to shove their beliefs down their throats.
    I mean just take a look at the Catholics, the Later Day Saints, and Baptists...
  • TheBigGuy9
    People don’t like rules. And the fact that Rationalization is the second strongest human drive, many people convince themselves such isn’t so. Then we have people that are easily brainwashed into thinking such.
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  • najekim
    Christians have:
    Destroyed numerous cultures;
    Killed those who wouldn't convert;
    Think theirs is the "one true religion";
    Allowed the clergy to force themselves into the personal lives of followers;
    A few other issues.
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  • Babygirl_S
    Good thing that you stopped being jealous but honestly the world doesn't hate Christians. Never heard of that before. But I have read about "dot busters" and men who insult Muslim women (I wonder why the women become the targets of these primarily white Christians)
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  • all_hayl
    Satan rules this world (and has deceived the world so that the the world does not realize it). Satan is 100% opposed to God and to us, so it makes complete sense that the “world” hates God. Plus, it was basically predicted/prophesied by Jesus (John 15:18). The Truth sets us free (John 8:32), which people desperately need, but people don’t realize it because they are comfortable (and deceived) in their selfish, irresponsible (yet destructive) ways. These truths seem like foolishness to the world because we need God to reveal the truth to us (1 cor 2:10, 1 cor 3:19, etc etc). Without His help and revelation, the truth appears as nonsense (“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” and “it is more blessed to give than to receive” can seem like nonsense to those who are not spirit-filled). I could write an essay on this so I’ll leave it at that.
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    • Satan doesn't rule anything. He will burn in hell just like the sinners who follow him.

      This is a very wrong misconception Christians get.

      Satan is not powerful, those who listen are weak or evil.

    • all_hayl

      @Desire-for-Greatness Howdy. Check out 2 Corinthians 4:4. It should help clear up your confusion. Satan TEMPORARILY rules the world because God allows him to - as a result of our sinful choices. That’s the nutshell version. I’m not going to get into a debate about this. You, of course, can believe whatever you want. Cheers! 👍

  • admles
    You mean the people who used to torture and kill anyone who wouldn't follow their beliefs?

    Christians act like they are SO persecuted lol, when they were the biggest perpetrators of said acts all throughout history
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  • HughDogg
    I've got news for you... if you think the world hates christians you are mistaken. The majority of the worlds population is christian so it's safe to assume that they are not the most hated group of people.
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    • t-8900

      How many of said Christians are practicing? How many have just not announced they are no longer? How many are apart if a denomination that contradicts scripture or is lukewarm? I very much doubt official numbers are accurate tbh.

  • Hulk30
    i really dont think ya can follow God and hate any one because hates not a part of God's character respectfully ill say that many people athiest even more so but many religious people are confused about what spirituality really is but they're much closer to it than athiest are i think and i dont believe in God the reality of him reasonates with my spirit to believe in God or anything by definition implies doubt in the existance of God
  • jshm2
    Actually. Its mostly because of the cases of child abuse and the wars by Christian majority countries
  • jaybee281
    I'm sorry to hear this - To be honest with you I don't think I'd be any better at understanding you spiritually because I'm agnostic myself - My family is quite religious I don't really care about that it actually makes for nice debates but it doesn't affect my love for them or their love for me - So first I'm not sure if it's you being a Christian that is the issue - although it could be - Since that I guess 1 Christian being around many atheists is much worse than 1 atheist being around many religious people - and now I understand the panda profile..
  • Desire-for-Greatness
    Jennifer did you remove one of my comments on one of your posts?

    If so, I have to wonder: are you here to spread your thoughts without having any sort of discussion?

    Why waste such a good opportunity to learn?

    I'm honestly surprised you removed my post. I'm not your enemy. I'm a friend. We have the same goal. Spreading the truth.

    The only difference is the method. If one of us has the wrong method they better hope they find out before they pass on and don't get the chance to repent.

    God bless.
  • MJtheCoach
    Nobody is more hated than the person who speaks the truth!

    Also because everything that’s happening in the world is controlled by Satan worshipers who hide themselves as atheist.

    And Bible has predicted everything.
    Which is why they’re so much hate in white people and christianity.

    As they’re most woken people in the world. We’re currently under revelations. And 90% of people are totally clueless about the steps of mark of the best.

    While hidden under health
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    • are you high? cultist.

    • MJtheCoach

      Our society has became so dumber down. That anytime you try to speak anything deep the brain totally wants to blow up. And morons like you come up with idiotic responses.

    • people can beleive what they want though? stop shoving your religion down everyone's throat.

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  • Friendlybro79
    There are more Christians in the world than any other religion with over 2.38 billion followers. The entire world does not hate Christians. I see more hatred from Christian to Christian with the division between catholics, born again, protestant, Lutheran, methodist, evangelicals etc. I'm sure you're a good person and a good Christian. This isn't a dig on you personally or your beliefs.

    Unfortunately, some people in the world are just hateful and it's sad. If you're in an abusive existence within your family, and it's really bad, then take yourself out of that environment. You should be able to be you and they should still at the least be civil to you.
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  • Cubus
    I'm in some way actually happy about it. If somone hates me, because of my religion, then I know people notice, that I'm sharing God's will.
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