Why you must manage your suspicions

Why you must manage your suspicions

It’s important to be cautious when dealing with people because not everybody means well and many will try to harm you if you let your guard down but there is a difference between caution, self-preservation, self-protection and suspicion.

Suspicion is the assumption of guilt without evidence and the attribution of confrontation without foreseeable cause while caution is the unwillingness to expose yourself to dangerous or volatile situations and the healthy willingness to question the truth of people and ideas, while giving people the benefit of the doubt.

When you are overly suspicious, you make enemies out of friends and aliens out of acquaintances. And in romance, become an unpleasant control freak that nobody wants around. Suspicion also corrupts you morally and makes you treacherous, slanderous, disloyal and unhelpful.

My philosophy is to practice discretion and avoid both confrontation and lying, even if it means refusing to continue or entertain a conversation in the preservation of self-interest. But I am not suspicious of others because I trust God to protect me from unforeseen dangers and I’m comfortable with the idea that life involves risk.

Why you must manage your suspicions
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  • LikeALog

    I am very seldom suspicious.

    I almost always in a situation awareness mode. It's from training I received many years ago and is almost subconscious now. When something is not "normal" I move to something like on guard which becomes a conscious mode. Then I'm actively evaluating, should I be concerned or not.

    Is the acquaintance too friendly?
    Is this friend acting out of character? By how much?
    Things like that.

    If I'm concerned, I decide how to proceed. As you mentioned, end the conversation or continue but in a self preservation mode.

    If it gets beyond the concerned mode, then I'm suspicious.

    That's how I manage suspicions.
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  • collie22
    a christian will develop an ability to discern in a moment when they walk in a room a person with evil on them. we can say a command ordering evil out in the name of Jesus
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  • WonderBell99
    I once had someone tell me that “not taking risks is the biggest risk in life.” It’s always good to be cautious of others. . . But it’s not good to suspect them without any reason at all. I’ve had a few suspicions on a few people in my life, and if I suspect something, I immediately go and talk to them and ask them about it, or talk to someone else (a trusted adult) and then make a good decision.

    Good MyTake by the way! :)
  • LinaDaGoddess
    It’s crazy because usually people who do this are labeled as having trust issues.. 🤣
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  • exitseven
    I have been screwed over a lot in my life so I am careful about trusting anyone.
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