Why it’s not good to rush into dating - my religious idea

Why it’s not good to rush into dating - my religious idea

I have a lot of rich and skinny people in my family and none of them ended up with high quality men, one who was a millionaire for around ten years had never dated a decent guy in her entire life despite having four Ivy League degrees and another made $20,000 a year and married a divorced and cheating con artist in her late 30s after rejecting thousands of good and honest men who wanted to marry her.

I know most of the people in long term relationships are attached to horrible people who use each other as scratching posts and ATM machines or as unpaid maid service, finding true love is uncommon and rare and most people never find it at all, so don’t assume your missing out if you have limited dating history, one year of love is worth more than a thousand years of hate, which is also what the bible says and an evil person is worthless as a romantic partner.

Why it’s not good to rush into dating - my religious idea
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  • Anonymous
    I think that you should date people; but don't rush through dating. Also the point of dating is to find out how someone acts. You should date with a purpose.
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  • YoMan1
    If you think love is the same as in movies, it's not. Waiting, as religion tells you to do, doesn't lead to "finding your true love". It just slows down your life when you could be enjoying it like a true 21st century person.
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  • slatyb
    How can one rush into dating? One should not rush into exclusive relationships or into marriage.
  • SapioLuna
    You attract who you put your mind into.
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  • yofuknutz
    And the beat goes on!
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