Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Bible Talk

Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Bible Talk

In the bible the patriarch Jacob discovers a letter that goes to heaven with the angels and descending on it, meaning, it’s possible to raise your position in a peaceful and non reliant way that does not interfere with others.

I’ve met many people who grew up in dysfunctional homes and they don’t know how to elevate their position without degrading and putting other people down and they let socially high status people degrade and put them down.

This falls under the exaltation category and the bible says those who lower others to raise their own status, will have their status lowered by God.

Only by honouring and thanking and caring for and protecting others, can you ever hope to raise your own status in the kingdom of God; because if your promotion comes from your self, and not from God, you will be demoted after you’re raised.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Bible Talk
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  • Weapon77

    He doesn't discover it, he dreams about it. And it's a ladder, not a letter: hence the term "Jacob's ladder."

    Not sure if that changes your interpretation at all.

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  • love_conquers_lust

    What does the bible say about addressing people of higher status? I know Jesus says forgive, but he operated under tge assumption that everyone was devout and following the bible to the best of their ability, which simply isn’t the case. Really, it’s the root of the problem with a lot of collaborative efforts, getting everyone to buy in.

  • Sarahplus2

    Is this life according to biblical text?