Why Sin leads to Self-Destruction - Bible Talk

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I read about a man who won the Pulitzer Prize for photographing a starving child in Africa, he did not give the child food cause he thought, his photo would be more provocative if the child he photo remained a victim of poverty. Later the photography award receiver killed himself.

I watched a criminal story on tv about a man who murdered people and asked his brother to hide his guilt and fake the killers innocence in the crime. The killers brother never testified against the killer in court, but the killers brother committed suicide over guilt for letting a murderer escape jail.

I watched another tv show today where a man’s son framed his father for a crime to please his mother who had recently divorced his father and hated the fact she was poor after the divorce. The falsely accused father choose jail over prosecuting his son. Later the son killed himself over guilt for throwing his father in jail.

I have had suicidal friends before and nearly all of them struggled with some time of moral issue in their life, the common denominator between 3 of my suicidal female friends was that they were socially classist and did not respect those who had less popularity than the others. Their lack of self respect and respect for others may have contributed to their suicidal thoughts.

My point is, guilt will haunt you unless you deal with it by confession and penitence and remorse. You cannot escape guilt merely by changing your situation.

Why Sin leads to Self-Destruction - Bible Talk
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  • Avicenna

    That's good advice. But how often do people run from this? A lot.

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  • Spiritofn

    I like you… I like you a lot..

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    • Spiritofn

      I also only believe in 1 sin and 2 half sins. I’ll give you both half’s.

      1:Not fixing your “sins”
      2:Exploitation of life.

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  • duttyjamagyal

    Thinking that feeling bad earns you forgiveness from someone other than the person burned is what makes people continue to sin until they realize Christianity is a shame and they can never wash away anything they've ever done

  • landingout2

    it always does

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