What the bible says about fighting back

What the bible says about fighting back

Lately, my stalker’s been making the lie I don’t fight back because I’m scared and not intelligent or dignified enough to take care of myself.

But my reasons for not fighting back are different:

1 - Jesus did not fight back.

2 - Paul says God fights your enemies and you ignore them.

3 - I’m a biblically observant person and I can’t break moral codes just because I don’t like somebody. Like I won’t slander somebody just because they attracted a guy I like etc...

What the bible says about fighting back
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  • Avicenna

    It's good that you won't stoop to that, and you're right

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  • LemiaOfChampions07

    Thank you for writing this informative mytake.

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  • ChiTown33

    I struggle with this one I'll admit. Too many times I consider it my job to be God's hand of retribution. In reality I'm just letting my anger get the better of me. I'm getting better I think though. I don't think I have nearly the temper I did 20 years ago. I know the Bible says "turn the other cheek". But when you get slapped again on the other cheek then I say you've run out of cheeks to turn. Sorry, I know I still have a lot to improve in this area.

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  • desperatelyhungry

    Girl if you have a stalker you need to get a gun and if he ever enters your house or you’re in immediate physical danger blow his ass away. I’m a believer, but in this instance idc about the Bible I care about you living

  • TroyDT

    "Jesus did not fight back"

    He did not fight back from the crucifixion because that was His mission. He did, however, overturn the tables of the money changers in The Temple, fighting against the corruption of the faith.

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  • annabananna

    Fighting back would be giving your stalker attention and giving a stalker attention is one of the worst things you can do.

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  • Snakeyes7

    What does "striking back" mean in this case? Is it defending yourself for your survival or is it referring to revenge for something someone has done to you?

  • Anonymous

    I needed to read this. You're absolutely right

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