Why the Lord is described as a husband in the bible

Why the Lord is described as a husband in the bible

The reason the king of heaven is described as a husband is because the bible wants to communicate that your relationship with the King is a voluntary and emotionally fulfilling love relationship and not a hateful boss and angry wage slave relationship, God is the husband and father that you serve with kisses and birthday cakes, not the angry dictator you secretly curse at bars when your drunk. Many people have cultivated their moral performance for God but have not cultivated their matrimonial preference for God.

Why the Lord is described as a husband in the bible
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  • Avicenna

    Excellent about it being a positive and loving relationship. A lot of people forget that.

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  • HippieVeganJewslim

    Many Christians view Him as the Father of Jesus Christ, or Jesus Christ Himself. Another possibility is that in the old times, society was man-supremacist.

    • If your Jewish, God describes himself both as a father and as a husband in the prophetic books, it’s not purely a Christian idea.

    • We believe in the same deity as Noah, Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace and blessings upon Them all). I, personally, like the rest of Muslims and many Jews, reject the Trinity and believe in the one god Who has no partners, no sons, no fathers, and no equals. Bible has been corrupted. I’m a Yid who reverted to Islam. But, yes, many Jews in south Arabia viewed G-d as the father of Ezra.

  • love_conquers_lust

    Not sure I understand the last sentence.

    • I mean they care about serving God but do not focus on loving and desiring God.