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In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence.
- Sir Isaac Newton


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  • yeah I am wtf is God? Ikr too many gathered in 1-temple to invent Satan for them-self give up on it already a bibles not important you are as a humans XD fare be well all mother tells you dark son of sin its to be all sides of religion 1-faith hell doesn't scare me it scares you XD as it scares Xied to be chained in hell he tells you gotta agree on all sides of intelligence light dark grey all needs to agree it's to be infinite everyones on 1-side to understand NO messiahs NO dietys either there's 3 minds dark/light/grey mind (genius) on my catscan it's perfection it's mostly grey so don't ask me at my door Jehovah or suffer the "pryamid of triangulation" as conversation you'll walk away with MY bible in your head I follow Jehovazchart as light not Jehovah it's overseer what's God? do tell psycho why you think 1-minds seen as superior? translates to god-boy whose that like? Satan exactly you can call your ALL FATHER Xied

    • he's a nice-faith not my thing sorry yet I like to use the "triangulation method" or "mind inpregination" I'm not into "the dark booklet" besides that "black magic" if the power of labels compels you stay away I'm ILLUMINATI XD you go turn to that also learn to talk properly whilst at it he's Xied not God "hails... bye" how vile to think otherwise he's god almighty however don't talk to me I know your booklet better aka "satanism"XD

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    • You are a turtle and a snail.

    • The frog was squashed

Most Helpful Guy

  • I feared God before I denounced his existence. When I was young I watched a Christian animated movie about Moses and in the film God killed an entire town because they didn't paint a blood X on their doors made from the blood of their cattle.

    Even though I was so young, I still understood that God killed those people. I began to cry and ask my mom why God would do such a thing. Ever since, I have learned that truth about God and what he really stands for. And what God stands for is what the devil wishes he could.

    • God does exist, and one day soon you will meet your Creator. I hope you will be ready. I hope you find the truth soon.

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    • Nah truly I do not comply such bs with a bible I don't

      Bible means booklet of light as I'm a person that has more light matter in my head GOD I use imagination

      Context means booklet of dark I have more dark matter in my brain SATAN I favor intelligence

      It's all bible context is howev if someone tells me the BOXhead it's some crazy booklet full of shit I'll be breaking that box filling your head full of shit from a triangle spinning you round in circles lastly ram your stick of BS in your ass get an answer this way Brian matter depicts gender and intelligence of / sides vs less of BS nods I agree

      Nods I'd Fear God why? it's ridiculous HOW out of a big dumb book you defined crazy? It's book for creative mind intelligent mind plus sadly stories of sheer stupidity some are nice it's of past

      plus ways to cleanse an entity to invent an entity YW if to tell me otherwise past it's book of "magic"/"alchemy" on 3-sides seek mental help please sheesh XD

    • Whom created us was the alchemist to make perfection and you to decide what minds best white or black dark or light or grey

      It was this only look more toward now been created to become what is perfection YW sweetheart :) your eyes mind skin dress sense hair colour depicts something tell us in a BIG story ok

      try writing your own vs being enslaved to that one I don't think light dwellers use bible well nope I like dark dwellers more they have it half right I do fully as lady Basphomet the grey mindset

      What is bible and context? Um no that's insanity what IS it REALLY ohh ok XD in the old days I make it they'd birth books aren't for little babies

      did you want more help you take what works for you and define dad and mum what it's saying looks like empower from it or be enlightened to write your own in your way ok?

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  • “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    God says to fear him in some ways, but like a kind father who only punishes u to keep u safe in the long run. Also, perfect love, casteth our fear

  • There was this dialogue in a movie I watched...
    "We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people."

  • nope, cause I AM GOD XD

  • Just who the f*** is God?

  • I fear him because I know that I should respect him but, I am not afraid of him because I know that he is the most loving spirit.

  • No. I am afraid of the punishment.


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