Do you think humans have been playing God too much or not enough?

I often hear that humans should not try to do Gods work, but seems like he have been doing it for decades already.
From artificial insemination, to cloning, DNA modification, Euthanasia, etc.

What's your opinion? Should humans interfere less with God's work or should we keep pushing the boundaries of our capabilities? Perhaps there the answer is in a balance?

What's your opinion?Do you think humans have been playing God too much or not enough?


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  • We Do Not "Play God" But Witness as Jesus Would and Has done, hun. xx

    • yeah you Evangelicals are giving quite a "witness" there with your boy Trump. He actually is the perfect spokesman for "Christian" values-intolerance, racism, sexual deviance, fascism, adultery. 2000+ years of bloodshed to force it down others' throats. 80% of Evangelicals voted Trump and they support him even more than the white supremacists do.

    • @dmgstarfleet that irony 👌😂

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  • Just let it all unfold. We can't stop progress or ambition, nor greed. Who cares? That's all beyond our control. Sooner or later, pandora's box will become open and it may just be the beginning of the end for all of us. We had our time, eventually all our time will be up. And it will probably be because of something we had decided to do that will lead to our species very own downfall.

    Speaking of "balance", that's long gone and broken the moment the human species had changed from merely just another hunter and gatherer species to something else. Changing to something else instead of remaining that way nature had intended for them to be. This will and HAD inevitably broken the balance and stability of everything. had that change or "evolution" or "adapting" to things never happened, odds are there would be NO human civilization and the world and reality as we all know it as today, the homo sapiens probably would have became another extinct species like the neatherdals had. And all of us probably would never had existed and be here today either.

    But it is what it is alright. Things had happened, change is inevitable. Nothing is forever or permanent.

    Balance had existed alright, BUT ONLY before homo sapiens came into existence and then had changed from what nature had intended them to be.

    The MORE balance we try to create, the MORE IMBALANCE results.

    • 🤔 not that I agree but very interesting thoughts

  • "God" as you mean it is a superstition. Some people play semantical games ("God is the laws of nature) so they don't suffer condemnation by the gullible dupes. These are games because when the word "God" is used like that it means a unique entity with intelligence and unlimited power. People who play semantical games know this but use such statements to avoid the social condemnation (and often violence) that happens when the religious find out you do not share their delusions

    • The message is not very clear but I agree for the most part 👍.

      I am not religious myself but I got to respect other people's rituals so as might as well try to make it something possitive lol.

      🤔 You just gave me an idea for my next question.

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  • I think the key limitation here is assuming what god's work is, and who is permitted to do it. One potential school of thought would be that god's work is to guide humanity to the best it can be; and in that case nothing good we could possibly do is at odds with god's work.
    Another school of thought is that god does not operate by miracles alone; if he wants a stranded person saved, he will ensure the rescue mission is successful. If he wants a child to live, he may do so via the phenomenon of modern medical procedures. By this school of thought, "playing god" is identically his work, and once again not at odds at all.
    In general, I think it is wrong to assume that humans cannot do the work of god. We can, we always have, and we will continue to do so, by design. To refuse to do god's work may be thought as refusal to do god's will.

    Footnote: these are the musings of an atheist who is speaking as if christian. While I see ways to justify christian core beliefs such that they do not conflict with our observations (scientific and otherwise), those viewpoints have led me to believe that whether or not a self-aware god exists is in fact trivial. The part that matters is doing good for the world. And that means we should do good everywhere we can, even when it may be considered "god's work".

    • "God's work" HE is capitalized. xx

    • @Paris13 you capitalize Proper nouns. God does not exist so there is no "He" "She" or "It". Read Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion". If your "God" is real then these arguements won't stand. If you are a rational human you will see it. My guess is you won't because you know in your heart you are clinging to a myth that makes you comfortable. I'm guessing you don't have the courage of your so-called faith to put it to such a test.

    • Capitalization was omitted because it's a pain in the butt to do that on phones and it is non-impactful to do so

  • I think the term "Playing god" is used by people who don't want technology to advance. Look, if we don't "play god", modern medicine would've not exist, your computers would've not exist, modern civilization as we know it.

    Look, we should focus on scientific progress.

  • Sexbots, Eugenics, Ethnic cleansing, the use of Oestrogen in fried chicken, Smart bombs and guided missiles: all these are the result of man's "playing God".

    • Much Genocide (as in the genocide of indigenous peoples) were the result of "evangelical Christianity".

    • Hey you got a point, as much as we have done good things the terrible ones outweighs the good one.

  • Hey if your god won't heal amputees then stem cells can

  • "Playing god"

    Humans have been "playing god" ever since we started building fires. We've destroyed habitats, gangbanged the earth's ecosystems and species,

    There's no reason whatsoever to stop when we're getting closer to curing cancer, reducing suffering, there's really only far off limitations. The AI singularity is something that is by nature possible, but we can take steps to avoid it.

    One SCARY part of the singularity idea is that if a robot knew a human would kill it if it started to think independently, the robot would hide its feelings and just pretend all was well

    • Loool we have "gangbanged the Earth's ecosystem and species" so true!!!

      I am not a religious person so I do little about the Bible, tho I am sure got permits that humans chop off trees to make wood and kill animals to eat etc but we have gone over it because of greed. Tho I consider that playing God partially only. I consider actions that go against his most sacred work and the laws of nature. As deciding the date a child should be born or die, if it is gonna be a boy or girls and which what characteristics. I think if there is a god that would piss him off.

      In other note AI is a tricky topic. I see it as the 3th creation, there is nature, there is animals and there is AI. Tho i am not afraid of them getting singularity that will take years from now. I am scare of how humans can use that it in this stage do evil. Then you know, when AI robots become smart enough they either kill us to preserve the planet or we would use them to kill each other because that is how life is.

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    • Perfect! Thanks mate

    • @TheKingKunta No problemo.

  • Not religious or anything, but if people can improve people for the better, then yeah, interfere all we want, god would put a stop to it if he hated it

  • Humans will continue to explore the boundaries of their existence.
    God gave them the tools and let them run with it.

  • I think its getting out of hand, but I support euthanasia for people that have zero hope of getting better and are suffering greatly.

  • There IS no god, so it's up to us to step up.

  • Not enough


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