In your opinion, how does the Christian/Catholic Bible portray words/actions/character of God?

I think the Bible fails to execute this “perfect”, “almighty” picture of God.
Solely based on his actions and motivations...
It just seems like God is this narcissistic, attention-seeking asshole. However, Jesus was a pretty cool dude.
Jesus’s purpose is to basically direct people to the path of God. But he wasn’t an egotistical jerk.
So... Jesus is like the extravagant and gorgeous invitation to a shitty party 😂

I’m not an atheist by the way. Just shutting that assumption down.In your opinion, how does the Christian/Catholic Bible portray words/actions/character of God?In your opinion, how does the Christian/Catholic Bible portray words/actions/character of God?


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  • I think the Bible shows the varying perceptions of God from one time period to another. That's why the Old Testament and the New Testament are so different. People can say that it's because of Jesus spreading the new message but in reality it's because the tactics being used from the early books of the Bible weren't working in comparison to the many pagan religions and faiths and so a new direction had to be taken.
    I think that's how the Bible portrays God and I think it's representative of the societies at the time.


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  • I think it's sadly how people view it and how some judge what little verse they read , without trying to read the full chapter and breaking down the meanings or purpose of the stated actions and words.

    • Even those that have sometimes turn against god. Some people can't just look away or scramble to reinterpret things that they don't like.

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  • I agree with you on the God part. That is not surprising though since the Bible is not a monolithic text. It is a compilation of countless different contributions from countless different sources and different times.
    It would be indeed miraculous and supernatural if all of those sources would someone be agreement and congruence with each other.

    As for Jesus, I have make some corrections. To be fair, we don't know anything about the actual person. In fact, it is highly debatable if he even existed in the first place. That said, the Jesus as portrayed by the gospels is not all peace and love as most people think. While it is true that those are some of the core messages of the biblical Jesus, he too could be a pretty massive asshole. For example he famously said "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace, for I have come to bring the sword." Now, that sounds rather un-Jesuslike. Even more importantly though, Jesus very cleary affirms the actions and proclamations of his father (aka himself) in the old testament. He says that the laws of the old testament "have been true and will always be true" and that god is "unchangeable and everlasting". This suggests that Jesus actually agrees with much of the horrific acts of violence committed before him. At least he didn't feel the need to distance himself from them.
    Apart from these main issues, Jesus also said/did a bunch of stupid or outright weird stuff. He claimed that looking at an attractive woman equals cheating, he shamed people into uncritically believing instead of questioning things, he told them to obediently pay their taxes to the Roman Empire and at one point he completely unnecessarily kills a bunch of pigs and destroys a fig tree. If we believe the gospels, he had some serious anger issues.

  • I guess it goes back to the fact that God is perfect and he had to show that people could not live up to his standard. God in the garden of Eden is the God after Jesus. He wants to spend time with us. It's the sin that messed it up

  • It's distinctly different from Old Testament to New Testament, in the Old Testament God required ridgid obedience and dealt terrible justice on those who did not respect his will.

    In the New Testament God understands the nigh impossibility of living a perfect life and offers forgiveness for those willing to try and live the best life they can and respect his will.

  • I wholeheartedly agree. The earliest writers seem highly confused when it comes to portraying a perfect and almighty God. Instead, they come out with a narcissistic, angry, fallible beast of a being who demands fealty and grossly overreacts when his children predictably misbehave.

  • A mass of self contractions.

    He loves you but he will banish you to eternal suffering if he doesn't like you. He still loves you somehow.

    He is all powerful but he likes it when humanity suffers. Kill each other. Torture themselves and die in miserable condition. He still loves you anyways.

    If he was human then we would call him a jerk.

    What kind of twisted love is that?

    Stick to the good gods. There is a method of their insanity. Even funny too.

    The Monkey God is what I like best. He represent the rebel. The odd ball. The outcast. The guy who won't follow the conventional thoughts. The guy who will never fit in but forces the world to fit him.

    Imagined if you're not invited to a party but you came early anyways. You ate all the food. Drank everything. Pee on all the trees. Then you finally went to the houses of people who are attending and eat all of their food, crash their houses and flee.

  • what kind of propaganda is gag spewing at us, this isn't popular.
    you are angry with god, just accept jesus into your life and ask for him to make things right

    • I’m not angry with god.
      And... my life is going great so nothing needs to be made right

    • @Parkway I've accepted Jesus and God in my life, and I agree with her. It's a perfectly scholarly and philosophical question. If you have issues with others having different points of views from your religious understanding, you don't have to participate in their questions, nor on the platform at all.
      Have a blessed life.

  • it's not like they are portraying an actual thing anyway. it's fiction, therefore it doesn't really matter how they portray their phantasy.

  • They portray him as a capricious, jealous, mean minded monster if a god.


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