How to easily debunk Flat Earth?

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  • Skipping over what should be an extremely easy question - where is the edge? - that you have not once even attempted to answer, I will bring up another one

    If the Earth is a flat circle as claimed, explain the patterns of the sun and night and day. You say we should do our own research, so give this a try. Find a flat circular object and some small object to represent the sun, and try to find a place where it is visible from one area of the circle without being visible to any other.
    The only way that patterns of night and day and seasonal changes can work is with a slightly oblong sphere rotating on a tilted axis

    • the edge is thousands of miles out if my theory is correct based off the rocket launch its over 500,000 miles+ so getting to it yeah not gonna happen

      even if I was rich would not matter
      its blocked off

      for the sun and moon patterns read the book of Enoch and I dare you to try and understand it
      CAUSE IT IS CONFUSING it took me a while to understand just a piece of it lol
      here is just a piece of it,,, tell me if you understand it lol

      and no the seasons are way more simple
      they are controlled WE LIVE IN A CONTROLLED SYSTEM
      if you put a pet in a cage
      you can change the temperature of the cage from cold to hot to warm
      GOD can do the same

      remember we are pets in a glass cage
      How to easily debunk Flat Earth?

    • You claim to be the one with proof, but when asked for science you quote the bible. That is not proof.

      Seasonal changes, night and day, tides - none of it works on a flat earth model

  • Best argument that I have is with a little trigonometry you can easily and quickly figure out the curvature of the earth.

    Direct TV satellite positions are published, and instructions on how to direct your antenna are on its website. So you can figure out exact distance between locations on the earth by simple high school math and compare to Google maps to figure out exact curvature and land distance. As this information is both utilitarian and not government it would be hard to argue against the accuracy of the test.


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  • The way to convince someone there theory is wrong is to actually understand there Theory. I went into it with an open mind last year and watched a video also partially to test my own logical compass and resistance to scrutiny. And ill admit, it was super entertaining it goes in depth has a lot of reasoning behind it and its generally quite well developed and tied together using great false logic in a sense i would write it myself.

    The theory surely is convincing in these videos, until you try and test it out and see for yourself using your own logic. So i overlayed my own logic with there theory and it completely debunked it. So Flatearthers, pay attention and let me know if i misunderstood because the evidence i am about to present is not in your favor.

    First lets grab the Flatearth map, the video i watched used the UN map. So ill be using a map which seems to align with the UN logo.

    How to easily debunk Flat Earth?

    We now have a map which we can use for measurements, the scale is not important as we won't even use a proper measurement for this. All we do is answer the question what is closer and what is further away.

    So here we go, Lets start with the far edges of the map and see what we can find. I see Europe is very much at the center of the earth and the southern countries are to the sides surrounded by the famous ice wall. That means a country like Brazil and Australia is going to be one of the furthest apart. So lets pick Rio de Janero and Melbourne Australia.

    If the Flat Earth theory is correct we would assume going to Amsterdam from Melbourne would be roughly half the time since its on the flight path somewhere in the middle.

    So lets see at Kayak. com how long a trip to Amsterdam is from Melbourne and sorting it from the fastest route : Its a one stop route from Melbourne to Doha to Amsterdam and will take about 24 hours.

    Alright, knowing that lets see how long Melbourne to Rio will take : It can be done in one stop but the fastest is a two stop route : First they go to Auckland, then to Chile then to Rio and the whole trip takes about 29 hours.

    But hang on, that doesn't make sense on the flat earth map. Not only is the distance longer the path is impossible. They go around the map rather then a direct line. While possible it would be far longer then the difference with Amsterdam especially since a direct line alone would double it.

    • So in short, if you want to convince a flat earther just grab both maps and go to flight comparison websites and see which map holds up. If you do this long enough your going to see samples like this one that debunk the entire theory.

  • Well call up you and your friend to do this experiment. So if they're in the same longitude, tell them on the spring equinox to set up the exact experiment you are going to do. Set a stick in the ground and measure the length of the shadow in the ground. We know the length of the shadow and the stick height, so using tangent we can figure out the angle. If your friend set up the experiment exactly as you did, then you two got different answers for the angle. You know how far away you are from your friend, and you could use the arc equation to figure the radius. From there, compute the circumference of the Earth. You would've done the same calculations the Greeks have done.

    I also love how he say pictures and video can be fabricated or manipulated, and yet he uses video and pictures.

    Another way to demonstrate it s this. Go to the Burj Kalifa with a friend. Make sure your camera are synchronized with the timing and begin recording. When the Sun set, the first camera would see it, but the second camera could still see the sun. That difference in time is because the higher up you are from the Earth surface, the more of the ground you can observe and the longer it takes for the Sun to set according to you. [you could also mathematically calculate the radius of the Earth with this one. Figure out how!]

    The Greeks had several more elaborate ways of showing the Earth was a sphere by observations, which experiments time and time again continue to confirm. For example, Newton's law of gravity explains why planets are spherical.

    • Whoops. Arc tan I meant.

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    • who says its a ball of fire?
      not me

    • It's not fire. It's hydrogen and helium in a state known as plasma. How do we know? The emission spectrum from the Sun matches those elements. Every element in the universe has a unique emission spectrum.

  • the easiest way to debunk it is to call someone on the other side of the world and compare sun positions. if it's dark there then your evidence is in hand

  • Honestly I don't think anyone actually believes that.

    I think was kind of a joke and it propagated as a joke and more people just get into it in sort a trolling conspiratorial amusement thing. Basically it's just a bunch of trolls endlessly trolling each other into thinking there's anyone in the world who genuinely holds this belief.

  • The people who voted flat are just being contrary. We all know it's round.

    • physically prove it

    • You want me to circumnavigate the globe or just take you out into space to see the whole thing?

    • yeah good luck proving that

  • You can't "easily" debunk a conspiracy theory. Those people are paranoid and already have the mindset that everything in front of them is a lie.
    How to easily debunk Flat Earth?

  • It is quite possible that it is flat.

    I know it's unrelated but Australia don't exist. Just for the record.

  • bet them a million dollars that if you keep walking in one direction you won't fall of the edge of the earth

    • sorry bro blocked off they won't let us lol

  • With facts and common sens.
    plus : Ihope the 7 people answering "the earth is flat" are joking

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