Is it hard to wait for the right person and take things slow?

Okay I've been waiting to meet the right man and have someone to love. It's so hard for me to wait. I'm 22 years old and Im a virgin. For me it's super important to wait until marriage but at the same time such a struggle. Lots of young guys my age just wanna have fun and are in no way serious about courting someone looolll and totally not ready to look into marriage like 1 or 2 years after meeting & getting to know someone.

Ughhh it makes me feel so sad sometimes because I really really want to be in a relationship. I really long for a companion. And many times I've been approached by guys who wanna date me but they are not virgins and want sex to be a part of the relationship which I totally understand but I can't give that to just anyone.

I have to wait for marriage and that's just too much. Most young guys approaching have no interest in marriage at least not for another 6 / 7 years later. Then there's older guys who approach me but they aren't compatible with me, we are so different and sometimes not to be rude but I don't find myself very attracted to the older guys. Like 29/30+ years old.

It's so so tempting to date the young guys who I get crushes on and sometimes they show mutual interest, ex. Ask me out on dates but what's the point if it's going to lead to nothing for either one of us because we're not on the same page. Why is it so hard? Dang it


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  • First, I like to congratulate you for keeping your virginity until now. It's very challenging and definitely define your endurance and self control.

    Regrettably, if you are passive in seeking out your partner, I think the chances of getting one is slim.

    When I was single, I put in efforts to find my wife. It took me two years of "hunting" to finally found her across the South China sea.

    Maybe it's easier for a girl. But I still recommend making an effort is better than being passive.

  • Simple

  • you gonna go to church and meet some of those christian dudes who dont believe in sex before marriage


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