Which action is worse breaking one commandment or the flood?

Simple question, which act is worse a human breaking 1 of the 10 rules or a god causing the flood.
  • Which action is worse breaking one commandment or the flood?Breaking a commandment
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  • Which action is worse breaking one commandment or the flood?The flood (not the halo flood)
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  • Lets run this down shall we?

    1: I am an atheist. I worship no Gods, let alone strange ones. Also, the entitlement there... The presumption that your God is any less strange than another is absolutely retarded.
    2: I don't give a God damn fuck about cursing or offending anyone let alone some entitled fictitious dictator. Jesus Fucking Christ. 😎
    3: Sunday. The day I hate so much because many stores are closed or close early. Sort of impedes capitalism doesn't it? Then again Jesus was a commie so who carez.
    5: Ah yes. Because murder is only fifth in importance on the big no nos we shouldn't do... I can think of multiple reasons why killing someone is sometimes necessary though. And by the way, telling us not kill when God is responsible for the death of millions is quite hypocritical.
    6: I'll give him that. Cheating is the lowest of low acts.
    7: When access to basic goods is beyond grasp I will steal.
    8: Lying is generally a bad thing. In certain circumstances it can be necessary. Though making rumors that are false is a shitty thing to do.
    9: This is basically saying not to cheat again. So why say it twice? Why isn't "doth shall not forcibly have relations with others" not on here? Aka don't rape.
    10: Again, this is repeating itself from earlier. Don't steal, this time it emphasized stealing from a neighbor. It is unnecessary to have.

    Ultimately, committing genocide by drowning the overwhelming majority of thr population is worse than cursing, having an affair and stealing.

  • Breaking a commandment, for multiple reasons.

    1. God killed everyone in the flood because literally EVERYONE on the earth besides Noah and his immediate family were absolutely wicked and devoid of all morality. He was passing judgment on the people for their vile hearts.

    2. The Bible very clearly says that if you're guilty of breaking one commandment, you're guilty of breaking them all. There are a few reasons for this:

    a) The punishment for breaking a commandment is the same between all of them. Essentially, it's capital punishment, which is eternal damnation and separation from God.

    b) What's more is that it only takes one offense. It only takes messing up one time.

    Hope that helps anyond gain a proper perspective on why God chose to flood the earth and why it's justified.


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  • The blatant breaking of God's commandments was literally the reason for the flood.


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  • well we know the flood didn't actually happen :D if it did, it's funny that a god makes laws about "killing being bad" and then he goes forth and wipes out the entire planet cause he doesn't like them (after he created them himself)... yeah the god of the bible is a double standarted criminal. luckily he is fictional, cause if he was real, things would be grim.

  • Disobedience to God.

    And going by that biased image, would you honestly defend a society that was filled with pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and the like?

  • I have embraced a new doctrine that few Churches believe in. Universal reconciliation, everyone goes to heaven eventually. And I can assure you that when you go to heaven your previous suffering will not matter.

  • I'm a Christian, but I don't believe that God caused a worldwide flood. I take that as a myth. Also, the ten commandments were part of the old law, which was superseded by Christ and His New Covenant.

    • Your beliefs are really questionable.
      1. All of God's Word should be taken as truth, or you might as well reject all of it.
      2. Christ did not come to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it.
      3. Christ did not EVER say that the 10 Commandments were no longer important. In fact, the two commands He states as being greatest, which are "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself," are actually blanket statements that perfectly include every Commandment, especially with Paul's definition of love.

    • @Gavyn : I didn't say that the ten commandments were no longer important. I said that they were superseded. Read my post again.

  • god is evil, well at least that god is... not others
    he killed everyone... wow... this is what humans base their entire life on lol... ok there

    • He killed them because, in a paraphrasing of His words, every heart except for Noah's was wicked and full of evil. Not one heart was good.

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    • Trust, I’ll send you a debate with Christiana and historical scholars,.. it’s definitly metaphorical for the most part
      Not literal

      Adam and Eve isn’t true, we know humans existed long before that

    • That's an absolutely absurd claim. Every religion is drastically different, and there can only be one truth. Jesus claims to be "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Do you know what that means? That means He claims to be the embodiment of that singular truth. He claims to be the only correct path. He claims to be Life himself. He calls Himself Truth! You can't seriously compare that with something as trivial as, say, Confuscius or Buddha, both of which merely taught personal philosophy and neither EVER even remotely claimed to be the sole embodiment of truth itself.

      But we really don't. As fallible as humans are, is it really that farfetched to suggest that our technologies, methods, logic, or even all of the above are equally as fallible due to being a from a fallible source?

      1. I suggest that carbon dating is awful, inaccurate, and unprovable technology.

      2. I suggest that "homosapiens" and all other perceived "ancient humans" that we think are such due to found skulls are actually just, get ready for it, you'll never expect it, extinct species of primates. It's far more likely they're just from an extinct species of primate than it is they're from "ancient humans." So much more so that it boggles me why the latter is the accepted truth.

      3. I suggest that Darwin's theory of evolution makes no sense and never has. If you take point #2 into account, there's really no proper evidence for this theory to stand on.

  • the number 10 makes floods.
    U. S. Religion did that one.
    Just count how many States in our 52 States are flooded... lol..
    T. U. W. RA

  • God drowned a bunch of puppies and babies because he was too lazy/gay to correct humans.

  • Breaking a commandment

  • God said you break one, you broke all of them.

  • breaking of GODS commandment you satanist


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