Why are humans the only beings that question God's existence while beasts, insects, angels and demons never do?

God created the earthly creatures and heavenly creatures but humans only believe earthly creatures exist while assuming no heavenly creatures do or asserting we have no reason to believe heavenly creatures do whether they do or not. I think this is because after people reject the gift of the Holy Ghost's convicting power, man is faced with the battles of wrestling flesh and blood and not aware that their true battles are battles within their minds of Jesus fighting Satan in our minds. We are in spiritual warfare against good and evil but reprobates like atheists, homosexuals and drunkards have a tougher time realizing that. Once God gives people over to a reprobate minds, He allows them to think that they are right in their error of thinking.

Men and women who don't allow the power of the Holy Ghost to guide and correct them think they are the highest authority and most intelligent creatures and think they can match or outdo God. They have their father's spirit like that of Satan because a reprobate is unable to come to acknowledge God. Not all people who hold to atheism, homosexuality or given in towards drunkenness are reprobates but it is easy for these group of people to soon become reprobates. Man hates there being a power about them. Beasts, insects, angels and demons never question God's existence but humans do. We now know why!

God created the physical realm and spiritual realm and each realm has living creatures in them and both realms have creatures that do die. Physical realm has humans, beasts and insects and the spiritual realm has angels and demons. None of these are eternal and people are missing the revelation that we are only physical beings but spiritual beings with our main purpose to worship God eternally both in our earthly life and after our earthly life gets transformed into our Heavenly life. Please choose Heaven and not Hell. Wake up your spiritual eyes!
Satan does a great job at convincing many people he doesn't exist
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Human minds wrestle against principalities of the air and not flesh and blood
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God only gives certain people over to reprobate minds after living in sin without Holy Ghost conviction
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Satan has blocked humans' minds from witnessing the spiritual and heavenly realm
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Man seeks after the false religion of science that teaches sense data by trusting their senses to be the true representation of reality and rely on the wrong things
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Another reason with a God cause (why)
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Another reason with a Satan cause (why)
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4 mo
I meant man hates a power above them, not about them.
Why are humans the only beings that question God's existence while beasts, insects, angels and demons never do?
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