Would you agree that atheism is inherently selfish?

Would you agree that atheism is inherently selfish?
Would you agree that atheism is inherently selfish?
I got so much to say about atheists, but i'll try to sum it up. We all know that atheists don't believe in the existence of a god or anything like that and in the worst case scenario that when we die we simply cease to exist.

Now ignoring all the mental gymnastics they try to do when confronted with anything that suggests the contrary such as the study of the consciousness and how there's evidence to suggest it lives on beyond the death of the body, i noticed that that the common theme with many of them is "My Life" or "My Choice" or "My truth" Mine mine mine, me me me, mine me mine me, me me me me me.

It's always about them and what they want and to hell with everyone else. In an abusive family? Born in a 3rd world country? Aborted so you don't get the chance to live? SUCKS TO BE YOU!

Which makes sense considering if these people truly believed that this life is all we got, you would think more of them would be pro-life supporters. But more often then not they tend to be pro abortion types.

Honestly i feel most people who call themselves atheists only do so so they can have an excuse to act however they want with complete disregard to the people around them, which makes talking to many of them difficult if not impossible as most will have this pompous, Holier then thou attitude (Ironically enough) about them, where they genuinely feel that anyone who believes in anything other then pure materialistic science is a brain dead loser only worthy of mockery and disdain.

For the record, I'm no christian puritan or anything like that. Personally I'm more fond of eastern and pagan religions and feel reincarnation is the only theory that makes any real sense. But whatever you believe at least take the time to understand why people think they way they do, rather then just write them off as ignorant losers while being some Richard Dawkins edge-lord fanboy.
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While there have been a number of people in here with genuinely interesting thoughts on the matter, i find it rather disappointing that so many people are only looking at this from a purely christian perspective.

Kinda gives me the impression that most people here aren't really atheist, they just hate Christianity.
Would you agree that atheism is inherently selfish?
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