Is death the eternal champion of the universe?

Do not tell me that you refused to vote because neither choice is your view! One of these absolutely freaking is your view no matter how you word it. If you think there is no afterlife, you think death is the eternal champion of the universe. You think that we die and life ultimately didn't matter but had relative meaning in time, events, moral code, etc only.

If you think our life mattered and we used it for glory and honor unto God, then you think life must be our reward after death. It's absurd to praise God in life if we had 100% knowledge of no afterlife. Nobody buys a home without being able to see it or in hopes to see it if it were proven to be an impossible home.

Satan always thinks he has the final victory over God but God shows up in the end to show Satan how defeated he is. Jesus holds the keys over death and salvation unto eternal life must come by Jesus only.

Also, death can be punished rather than rewarded for evil life spent. No matter what anybody says about God not needed for living moral, it can't be argued that you have any moral justification for living moral if there is no God. If there is no God, no moral action is more important than another since living by the immoral option would place you no higher transcendentally than abiding by the moral option. Picking good over evil or evil over good is meaningless without God. Sure, you can live good without God but you aren't justified in choosing to do so.

Please give me areas you struggle with or that you win at big time in your spiritual life and explain how your struggles or joys has uplifted or motivated you.
Death is the eternal champion of the universe
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Life is won/awarded after death because love always win
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Is death the eternal champion of the universe?
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