Are you thrilled that Nick Campbell was able to win his battle against atheism and now allows the Holy Ghost to direct him?

Do you think this 45 minute video was powerful and goes to show that the Holy Ghost still convicts people, even battling atheism? The Holy Ghost could have forsaken this man due to his militant hatred for Christianity but reached far down to do an amazing work in his life. The Holy Ghost should be credited because He is very loving and very compassionate and wants to help mankind reach their maximal spiritual glory.

Many people stricken by atheism or who later falls prey to atheism are not aware that this battle of suppressive magnitude and suppressive nature is in full effect. Only the Holy Ghost can open up eyes and especially people bound by this particular struggle. People currently battling this fleshly issue tend to not know any better but follows after their own ways and gave in to Satan.

Many people scoff at this man now living a remnant and Holy Ghost filled life. This man is like many people today who claim to be unbelievers or atheists. This man walked an extreme militant 'atheistic' life and had no plans of overcoming his atheism. How do 'atheists' today know this can't happen to them? They always think they have a monopoly over the Holy Ghost and are in full control of their life and think they can always decide or dictate things in the future and think they have foreknowledge and know how their life will play out. They don't. This man was like many people walking in atheism today. He had no plans to leave atheism, just like many today.

How did watching this 45 minute video impact your stance on him becoming a Christian Theologian? Do you think he's playing spiritual hooky and spiritually trolling these ex-New Ager women? I think he is very sincere and you can see it. If you're bold enough to give opinions without watching this video, then I'm bold enough not to respect your opinion and ignore it. This is not spiritual games and my questions are not a rat race to just get through them. This is spiritual business that we need to take important.
Yes, I'm thrilled that he overcame his problems from atheism
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No, I'm not thrilled that he won his battle over atheism
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Yes, but I think he will give way unto atheism again
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No, but I respect the Holy Ghost for not forsaking him
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Are you thrilled that Nick Campbell was able to win his battle against atheism and now allows the Holy Ghost to direct him?
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