How do you explain the "psychic staring effect"?

I have noticed myself, that people are able to feel when someone is looking at them. And they look back.

Example: I was staring at someone who was walking down the street, while I was inside my house looking at him from the window. He couldn't see me. But he turned his head and looked up. (he was a random person)
Second example: I was in my room and had my curtains closed. There was a lady who was smoking at her balcony. So, there was a small hole that I could see her through the curtains. So, I started staring at her and thinking about her intensely. After two minutes, she slowly turned her head and looked exactly at the spot my eyes were looking at her.

I have to say that:

1. I was looking at the lady to prove my theory, I'm not a psychopath lol.
2. I got goosebumps when it happened and felt fear.
How do you explain the "psychic staring effect"?
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