Is giving someone "mal de ojo" real?

Meaning: Mal de Ojo or “the evil eye” is a look or a strong stare that is filled with jealousy, envy or even admiration and is believed in many cultures to bestow bad luck or cause injury to the person receiving it.
Is giving someone
I heard about it recently from a friend.
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I heard about it from mexican tradition.

Someone has to rub a egg all over your body while saying a prayer (I forgot which one) on both your front and back while you are in your underwear only.

Once you crack the egg if someone was wishing I'll or misfortune on you there will be a white film that sits above the yolk.

It can get to the point where the egg yolk is red.

I've had and done the ritual myself and seen a difference in the film that is produced.

Is giving someone "mal de ojo" real?
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