Do you believe in Astrology? Why or why not?

I was always a very skeptical person about astrology... I even was familiar with the Barnum effect.

Until... I downloaded The Pattern (app). And I actually saw the differences between my birth chart and my family's birth chart.

I'll give an example. My mom has Sun in Cancer and her Moon is Leo. Your Moon sign is basically your emotions, how you act when you're comfortable with yourself / alone, whereas your sun is like the light shining through your other placements. My father is a Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn.

My dad's traits: More on the introverted side, he can't stand being late to something, always talks to us about discipline and the importance of making a schedule, he encouraged me to approach a business-related career and being my own boss, and he generally prefers to manage his emotions alone, with only himself.

My mom's traits: Extroverted, says Hey to almost everyone, if she doesn't meet any one of her friends wherever she goes, then she gets to know new people. She likes to laugh and be bubbly with people. She's sometimes egocentric and narrow-minded (unlike my dad), but it's kind of like an adorable type of narrow mindedness. If anyone knows a Leo moon, they'll know what I mean. She's HIGHLY sensitive, and a bit manipulative.

And no, I didn’t cherry pick these traits. These are their actual traits.
So then I started to wonder: What are the chances of this happening?
I started testing this over and over, and I asked myself what the chances were of this just being "a Barnum effect."

Ancient astrology is very vague. The horoscopes you read on the newspaper or a regular app are very ambiguous. (Except Pattern; if you downloaded that, you'll be shocked at how accurate it is.. Trust me. Try it!)

IS ASTROLOGY A SCIENCE? Well if it is, then we still haven't figured out how exactly it works to make it a science. But IS IT ACCURATE? If practiced correctly, it can blow your mind... even to the highly skeptical people (I'm with you there skeptics).
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Do you believe in Astrology? Why or why not?
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