What is the true nature off Gods/Godesses?

A useless question but one still, I'll shall put it this way, a man walks down a beach and he sees a poketwatch he already knows a more complex being made it (a human) now the poketwatch is the world and the maker God.

A God exists outside space and time and is the pinnacle off being but what does this mean? We know that the first part off the brain that is formed is the same part that lights up when thinking off Ghosts and God, my mum told me a story about when she remembered being in the womb and a strange voice told her too go and she told him "no it is too hard too and I want too stay here" and this voice shouted at her with a booming like voice and told her she has no choice.

A Ghost is formless and shapeless and genderless and if it wasn't then it couldn't be a certine type off person for example if a soul is male then it can never be female it will always be male ultimately, so I must ask myself is God formless and genderless? So that would make it not a he or a she but an it, just a ball off pure consciousness that exists outside the physical laws it created, but how can one keep the balance that you would "good and evil" (this term I hate because nothing not even a angel is pure good, the world doesn't work this way)

Saying God just is doesn't answer this question either and saying it doesn't exist doesn't work aswell, after all a logical brain doesn't rule anything out without proof something science has not done making it a as much a belief as thinking it does exist, so one must question what is the true nature off a God?
What is the true nature off Gods/Godesses?
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